Sports Illustrated Kids Charlie Woods Cards are Flipping Now

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Sports Illustrated Kids Charlie Woods Card

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Tiger Woods’ son Charlie is also pursuing a golf career

  • SI Kids new magazine has Charlie Woods’ rookie card printed inside

  • Resellers are flipping them for five to six times what they retail for

Feel like making a little money this weekend? We’ve got a very reliable flip for you. New editions of Sports Illustrated Kids include exclusive Charlie Woods trading cards. The magazines are cheap, and the cards are popular. Past SI Kids cards have even resold for thousands of dollars in the past, so collectors are very keen on picking these up early. If you don’t want to hold them for the next decade, you can just flip them for five to six times what the magazines retail for. Let’s check it out.

Sports Illustrated Kids Trading Cards

Now, there are A LOT of trading card manufacturers out there. You probably know the big names like Topps and Panini, maybe even some more niche companies like Leaf, but pretty much anyone can make a card.

Sports Illustrated Kids is the children’s wing of SI. Not only do they cover adult and youth sports, they also produce cards. Certain editions of SI Kids will include a page within the magazine of perforated trading cards. Readers can rip out nine different cards, which can depict athletes of al stripes and ages.

While these are pretty gimmicky, they do have a good track record. Star athletes start young, and many of their first trading cards were printed in SI Kids such as Tiger Woods and Serena Williams.

When those athletes grow up and dominate the field, these cards can become absolute grails to collectors.

We covered this last year for Victor Wembanyama’s appearance in SI Kids. This was a pretty obvious flip considering how much hype was around Wemby’s NBA debut, and resellers were able to cash in easily.

SI Kids Charlie Woods Trading Cards

And now the opportunity has come round again. March/April editions of SI Kids include nine new trading cards, and the highlight of the collection is a rookie card for Charlie Woods.

Not familiar with the name? Well, Charlie Woods is the 15 year old son of Tiger Woods, who we’re guessing you know. Like his dad, Charlie is a golfer, and like his dad, Charlie’s first rookie card was printed in SI Kids.

In fact, the card itself is a throwback to Tiger’s SI Kids card. They’re both wearing red polos and watching their drive, although Charlie’s looks a bit more staged.

Charlie Woods SI Kids Tiger Woods

Pretty neat, right? Hopefully you can understand why people might be interested in this card. No one can predict the future, sure, but this is Tiger Woods’ son we’re talking about. There’s real potential here.

SI Kids Charlie Woods Cards Resell

And it’s because of that potential that collectors are buying up these cards. Or just the magazines in general, you don’t even need to go through the effort of tearing out the cards.

Right now, Charlie Woods Sports Illustrated Kids cards are reselling for $20 to $40 at a time. The magazines themselves retail for $6, so resellers are able to make a lot of money in a little time just by flipping them.

SI Kids Charlie Woods Card for Sale

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Buy the magazine, list the magazine, sell the magazine. We don’t recommend tearing the individual cards out; SI Kids print these cards with perforated edges to make removing them easier, but this also means they’re easy to damage.

Examine them first for centering and print issues though. If you can find a particularly nice card, it might be worth tearing it out and having it graded. PSA’s population report shows that only has been submitted for grading so far, and it was appraised as an 8.

SI Kids Charlie Woods Population Report

If you go that route, be very careful while removing the card. One slip and you could easily ruin it. If you’re looking to sell in bulk, listing the magazines is probably the best bet.

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