SpaceX Starship Torches Are Taking Off Right Now

Pun intended

SpaceX Starship Torch Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Preorders for the SpaceX Starship Torch opened in April

  • 12,000 to 16,000 Torches sold for $175

  • Now that orders are shipping, Torches are reselling for $300+

Everyone’s favorite African-American is back with a new and useless product. The SpaceX Starship Torch is a handheld flamethrower thing that shoots out a small jet of fire. It can be used for making a crème brûlée, pranking your friends with second degree burns, or sparking up a blunt with Joe Rogan. A single tweet from the meme man himself sold several thousand Torches, and preorders would remain open for several weeks. Now the Torches are shipping, and reselling at a premium.

Rocket Torch from SpaceX

Are you looking for a questionably phallic shaped object to put on your shelf? Do you worship the former boyfriend of Canadian superstar Grimes? Do you find that you and your money are easily separated? You might be interested in a new product from SpaceX, the Starship Torch.

Functionally, it’s identical to the same butane torches you can find on Amazon for $20, although this one will set you back $175.

SpaceX Starship Torches first went up for sale back in April, along with a tweet from Musk announcing their arrival.

Musk’s natural charisma and way with words meant that over 8,000 Torches would sell within a half hour of this tweet.

To be clear, these were a preorder item. The store page for the Torches showed that they wouldn’t start shipping until Q3 2023, and pulling stock for them showed that at least 100,000 Torches were loaded for sale.

SpaceX Starship Torch

The bottom line is that these were an easy buy. They weren’t a limited edition item, it wasn’t something you had to set a timer for and rush to buy. The SpaceX Starship Torches were in stock for around 6 weeks before stock was pulled. In that time, probably 12,000 to 16,000 Torches were sold.

SpaceX Starship Torches Resell

Fast forward a few months to Q3 2023 (you are here). The Torches are now starting to ship, and the people who missed out either because they didn’t want to pay at the time or missed out on the sale are now experiencing a bit of FOMO.

Or a lot of FOMO. Now that the Torches are here for real, many of them have begun to resell. Prices vary pretty widely, but many SpaceX Starship Torches have already resold for anywhere from $300 to $800, although most sales on the shorter side of that scale.

SpaceX Starship Torch For Sale

And there’s still plenty of time. Aftermarket sales for these have been rolling pretty steadily since September, but as more Torches reach the hands of resellers and they get more attention on social media, expect to see sales and prices keep on coming.

Want to learn more about reselling? Subscribe to our newsletter! Believe it or not, this isn’t even the first time we’ve written about an Elon Musk-affiliated device that creates fire. Check out our article on the Boring Co. Flamethrower launch for a deep dive into the market behind them, and why they resold for $2,000 or more.

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