Skyrim Vinyl "Paarthurnax" Editions Are Reselling

Only a couple more decades until TES VI

Skyrim Vinyl Paarthurnax Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • A new vinyl version of Skyrim’s soundtrack just released

  • There are several different versions for $130

  • Resellers are flipping them for $300 to $400

Another day, another Skyrim re-re-release. Earlier this week, Bethesda dropped a new version of Skyrim’s soundtrack on their website. Four discs, 52 songs, and well over two hours of Viking chants and lutes. This is a must-have for nerds looking to recapture their first experience of diving into the game. While this isn’t the first time Bethesda has produced a vinyl pressing of Skyrim’s soundtrack, and this release is proving just as popular as the last one.

Skyrim Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set

Obviously, we love Skyrim. When you don’t have any sequels to your game after 12 years, it tends to grow on you.

And a big part of the game’s appeal is the soundtrack. Veteran composer Jeremy Soule came back to produce the music for Skyrim after working on the previous two games, and a lot of the music has become iconic.

While a sexual misconduct scandal has kiboshed any future collaboration between Bethesda and Soule, it seems like they have no issue profiting from his music. Since Skyrim’s release in 2011, Bethesda has released the soundtrack on streaming services, digital downloads, CDs, and vinyl.

The “Ultimate Edition” vinyl release has all 52 songs from the official soundtrack (minus a 42 minute bonus medley exclusive to streaming), and Bethesda has produced several different variants. IGN is selling an exclusive red version, Black Screen Records has a slightly different red, and the Bethesda webstore is selling both a “Galaxy Green” and “Paarthurnax” edition.

It wouldn’t be Skyrim if they didn’t ship it in fifty different versions and make a ton of money, right?

Today we’re looking specifically at the “Paarthurnax” version, because its the most recent release. Musically, it has all the same songs as the other Ultimate Editions. The vinyl is what’s distinct, being pressed out of a translucent brown and black plastic meant to evoke the dragon’s wings.

Skyrim Vinyl Paarthurnax Edition

The four-sleeve jacket folds open to show eight different artworks. The Skyrim Ultimate Edition “Paarthurnax” Vinyl released on Bethesda’s webstore on February 9 for $130, and sold out in a few hours.

Skyrim Paarthurnax Vinyl Resells

And now that they’re gone, these vinyl records are proving more popular than ever. The “Paarthurnax” vinyl is expected to start shipping in July, so people who missed out have plenty of time to buy from a reseller.

Speaking of which, these are reselling. It’s still early and sales are limited, but we’ve seen at least one aftermarket sale for the “Paarthurnax” vinyl at $300.

Skyrim Ultimate Vinyl For Sale

The reason we’re interested in these is because previous Skyrim Ultimate Edition vinyl sets have resold as well. The “Galaxy Green” editions also sold through Bethesda’s site are the most popular, and there have been several sales of them for $400+.

As of this writing, the other versions have yet to sell out. Unless you have your heart set on the “Paarthurnax” edition, consider buying one of them if you want this collection. Once they sell out, we’ll be keeping our eyes on them as well to see if they resell.

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