Resellers Buy Up 13 Foot Jack Skellington Decorations

It's never too early to prepare for Halloween!

Home Depot 13 Jack Skellington Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Home Depot held an early sale for their 13 foot tall Jack Skellington prop

  • At $300 each, these skeletons are for folks serious about decorating

  • Similar props have resold in the past, and there has been at least one aftermarket sale

Are you ready for Halloween? Yeah, okay, it’s July, but that’s no reason not to start buying now. In fact, the summer months are actually the best time to start stocking up on holiday decorations, as they tend to sell out fast come fall. Home Depot recently sold a new addition to their Halloween line, a thirteen foot tall replica of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Reseller were quick to pick up stock, and have managed to make quick cash reselling these skeletons months before Halloween.

Home Depot 13 Foot Jack Skellington

On hot days like these, sometimes it’s nice to fantasize about Fall and cooler days to come. Halloween has been a subject we’ve covered recently in our write-up on Disneyland’s upcoming Oogie Boogie Bash, and we’re coming back to it again today.

Home Depot recently sold new Halloween decoration, and they’re worth knowing about. The Home Depot Jack Skellington is perfect for any Tim Burton fan with disposable income. The 13 foot tall outdoor decoration is motion activated, and he moves his head and sings songs from the film. Additionally, LED lights are mounted under his collar to add a variety of colors to his face.

The 13 foot Jack Skellington decorations were first sold on July 13 on Home Depot’s website. They cost $400, and buyers can expect to receive theirs some time in August. If purchasing online isn’t your thing, Home Depot has also stated you can expect them in stores by Labor Day.

Resellers have been picking up stock early because Halloween decorations like these can resell for significantly over retail, and buying them ahead of time can secure serious profits in the long run.

Skeptical? Here are some examples from previous years:

12 Foot Halloween Skeleton

Also produced by Home Depot, these 12 foot skeletons were extremely popular in October 2020 and 2021. The pandemic shifted how people celebrated Halloween at the time, and instead of going to parties and trick-or-treating, many were stuck at home.

The solution? Decorate! How else do you get into the Halloween spirit when you’re stuck indoors? There was a noted uptick in spending on decorations that year, with many people going all out and throwing hundreds, even thousands to deck out their yards. Additionally, these decorations were quite popular on TikTok, which helped drive aftermarket prices.


63 days until #halloween2021 🎃💀 And so it begins! 👻 Can you spot my cat? #bonehollow#12ftinfernopumpkin#12ftskeleton#homedepot#12ftpumpkinskeleton

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Like the Jack Skellington props, these were sold months in advance. Savvy resellers recognized the opportunities and held onto them for months. By October, Home Depot 12 foot giant skeletons were reselling for around $600, even $700. They were incredibly profitable, considering they retailed for $300.

Way to Celebrate Skeleton Casket Duo

Shockingly, people really like to put skeletons in their yards for Halloween. This one is a 5′ pair of skeletons teaming up to carry a casket. This prop is not only decorative, but also functional. The casket can hold up to 85 pounds, perfect for holding drinks, food, severed heads, whatever your Halloween party demands.

Skeleton Casket Duo For Sale

They were also quite popular on eBay. The 5 Foot Skeleton Casket Duo retailed for around $90 from Walmart, but was reselling for upwards of $300 near Halloween. Despite releasing around two years ago, we’re still seeing more aftermarket sales of the prop even now.

Will Home Depot's 13 Foot Jack Skellington Resell?

That’s the question isn’t it. Based on what we’ve seen happen with Halloween decorations in the past, our guess is these will end up being profitable one way or another. People do love their big plastic skeletons.

In fact, we’ve already seen an aftermarket sale for one of the 13 foot Jack Skellington props following the initial Home Depot sale. At the time of this sale, the props were still available on Home Depot’s site.

Home Depot 13 Jack Skellington For Sale

We’re a little surprised, but nobody ever said the average consumer was very smart, or that they bother do research before making a purchase. Don’t expect to see many more sales until we get closer to October, but it’s a good indication of where the market might end up.

Home Depot cut the sale for these props on July 15. It’s not clear whether they were too slow to sell, or they were just making them to order. Either way, the 13 foot Jack Skellington decorations are no longer available, and we’ll have to wait until later this year to see them return.

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