Rare and Discontinued Supreme Pins are Dropping Tomorrow

Collectors and hypebeasts are excited for this drop

Supreme Pin Vest Pin Hat Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Supreme is selling a hat and vest with 48 pins on them tomorrow

  • Some of the pins are discontinued, while others are a new release

  • Certain Supreme pins have resold for hundreds in the past

We’ve got something positively titillating for all the Supreme fans out there. Tomorrow, September 7, Supreme is dropping two special items: a hat, and a vest. Cool sure, but it’s what’s on the items that’s worth paying attention to. Each item comes with 48 Supreme pins already applied, some of which are rare, some of which are not, and some which have never been sold before. Considering that collecting and trading Supreme pins is already quite a profitable hobby, this drop is looking like a big deal.

Supreme Pin Vest and Pin Crusher

Yep, it’s time for another limited drop. At 8 A.M. tomorrow, Supreme will be selling a quilted vest and bucket hat with hand-placed pins. This is going on the same time, but separately from tomorrow’s MF DOOM collab.

If you’re not in the know, Supreme pin collecting is a pretty big deal, and many rare and discontinued pins have traded for hundreds of dollars in the past. It’s a neat way to collect merchandise from the brand, similar to patches.

The vest and hat being sold tomorrow are notable because of the pins that are shipping with them. Many of them are from previous drops and have been out of circulation for years. In a way, buying these items is sort of like a cheat code that allows a collector to turn back the clock and pick up many of the pins they missed out on.

Grailed has a ton of listings for Supreme pins

Both the hat and vest have the same 48 pins on them. They are priced at $188 and $388 respectively. Pricey? Sure, but considering that the pins have all been placed by hand, we’re guessing this is a fairly limited drop. Expect fierce competition from Supreme pin collectors, streetwear kids, and resellers.

If you’re interested in going after them for the pins alone, here are the most notable ones that will be available tomorrow:

Discontinued Supreme Pins for Sale

For a collector or fan of Supreme, tomorrow is a rare opportunity. Some are unhappy with Supreme for selling products that were discontinued, but most are just excited for the chance to fill out their collection. We’re looking forward to reselling these items for much, much more than they retail for.

Special thanks to Supreme Drops on Twitter for the graphics used in this article. If you want in-depth looks at everything Supreme is cooking up, make sure to give them a follow.

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