Panda Express Mini Wok Was Free and Resells

Free promo = free profit

Panda Express Mini Wok Promo

By RC Staff

Key Points:

  • As a promo for the limited-time Sizzling Shrimp entree, Panda Express gave out branded Lodge Mini Woks with every purchase

  • The Panda Express Woks were only available at select locations for two days only

  • Now, the Panda Mini Woks can resell for $200, and are gaining popularity


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This is the difference between the sale price and resell price. It does not take into account any costs associated with reselling. Things like shipping, storage fees, if applicable.

Panda Express Cast Iron Mini Wok

This exclusive branded mini wok from Lodge Cast Iron was released at 33 different Panda Express locations, free with the purchase of a Sizzling Shrimp entree. 

Now, most resellers flip items to make enough money to eat. What if you could actually get paid for eating? That’s exactly what happened with the release of the Panda Express Mini Wok. If you had quick feet and an empty belly, it was possible to pick up one of these woks for under $10. With wok in hand, resellers were able to turn their lunch order into $200. Not too bad for fast food.

What is the Panda Express Mini Wok?

For just two days in March, Panda Express customers had the opportunity to get their hands on a special Panda Express Mini Wok.

The woks are high quality, and are made from Lodge cast iron. They feature the Panda Express branding on the wok’s surface. Additionally, the mini woks came in a small red box with purchase, adding to the collectability.

buy Panda Express mini wok iron

How to get a Panda Express Mini Wok

After announcing the promotion on March 3, Panda would publish a list of locations where the woks would be available; this wasn’t a “walk in anywhere” kind of promotion.

How to Get a Panda Express Mini Wok

While still exclusive, this is a pretty wide range of locations for such a novel promo. Of note, you had the best chances at getting one if you lived in the LA area. Multiple Panda locations had woks on hand, so if you didn’t mind a little driving, you stood a better shot than other cities.

How much does the Panda Express Wok cost?

That’s the neat part, it was free! Well, depending on how you define free at least. You had to purchase at least one Sizzling Shrimp entree to receive a mini wok. The cheapest option is just $6.65, so it’s not like you had to go digging in your pockets.

Reselling the Panda Express Mini Wok

After the promo ended, there were a lot of people left wok-less. For one, there was a good chance that the promotion was simply not offered in a location near them, and it was entirely possible that they missed out, either by Panda running out of woks, or they had not known the promotion was running.

In any case, the aftermarket prices for woks quickly ran up. Listings on eBay for Panda Express mini woks for sale took off, and resellers began raking in sales.

Panda Express Mini Wok For Sale eBay

Currently, a Panda Express mini wok resells for around $200. Some have gone for a little more or less, but almost all of them resell for more than $150. Not all bad considering the extremely low up front cost.

These will probably remain expensive, even if Panda runs a similar promo in the future. The unique nature of the item is just too appealing to diehard Panda Express fans, and resellers should expect them to be profitable.

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