OutKast Aquemini Anniversary Vinyl Sells Out in Five Minutes

And already reselling

OutKast Aquemini Anniversary Vinyl Dopaliscious Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • OutKast has produced a special vinyl set for Aquemini’s 25th anniversary

  • Two versions were produced, one limited to 2,000, the other to 500 total units

  • The more limited “Gold” versions of Aquemini sold out immediately and are now reselling

On Friday morning, OutKast dropped a special edition of Aquemeni for the album’s 25th anniversary. Two vinyl versions of the record were released, both of them as three disc LPs. While both were limited, there were only 500 copies of the gold version of Aquemini. Unsurprisingly, these sold out in under five minutes, and now many of them have made their way onto to eBay to be resold for a profit.

OutKast 25th Anniversary Aquemini Vinyl

Aquemini was OutKast’s third album, first released in 1998. The album’s title is a portmanteau of the duo’s zodiac signs (Aquarius and Gemini). When it came out, it was kind of big deal. Widely regarded as one of the best hip-hop records at the time, and a continuation of OutKast’s skyrocketing popularity.

Now, Get Down Records has produced a special version of the record to commemorate its anniversary. Two 25th anniversary Aquemini vinyl records have been produced. The first is a standard three disc LP on multicolored vinyl. Included is a gold foil stamped jacket and numbered insert. These versions were limited to 2,000 total copies, and sold for $60.

OutKast Aquemini Vinyl For Sale

What we’re interested in is the Dopaliscious Aquemini Anniversary Edition. This set includes three gold vinyl records in a felt-lined jacket. These versions were limited to just 500 total units, and sold through Get Down’s site for $75.

OutKast Aquemini Dopaliscious Vinyl

Both of these sets went live at 9 A.M. Pacific. They had been moderately teased by the company beforehand, but no one was sure exactly what was going up for sale until the products actually went live. The standard versions of Aquemini are still available, but Dopaliscious Gold versions sold out almost immediately.

OutKast Gold Aquemini Vinyl Resells

Because of the limited nature of the record, it didn’t take long for aftermarket sales to start taking place. Within a few hours of the sale, several records were sold through eBay.

Right now, a gold Aquemini vinyl record set is reselling for around $250. Considering these retailed for $75, that’s a profit of about $175 for the noble resellers that picked these up.

OutKast Aquemini Anniversary Vinyl For Sale

These records are expected to start shipping in by the end of October. We can expect to see more sales over the next few weeks as desperate fans cave to the temptation and fork over the necessary cash for one. They’re certainly cool, and for a diehard fan of OutKast, these are a must-have.

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