HomeGoods Oreo Stools Go Viral on TikTok, Resell for $200

Donuts, Bagels, and Peppermint resell too

HomeGoods Oreo Stool Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • HomeGoods is selling a line of food-related stools

  • Designs include Oreos, Bagels, and Donuts; all for $60

  • After going viral on TikTok, stools are reselling for $200 or more

Take a look around you. Are your surroundings feeling a little… empty? Need something sweet to fill the gap? If comfort eating is your thing, we’ve got something just for you today. HomeGoods is selling a collection of food-themed plush stools at stores across the country. After several of them gained viral attention through TikTok, they’ve begun to sell out. And where there’s sold out products, there’s an opportunity for resellers to make a quick buck. Let’s take a look.

Viral Oreo Stools at Homegoods

So, everyone knows Oreo right? And you’ve probably heard of Hydrox; the cheaper, worst tasting knock-off version that randomly appears at your grandma’s house and school parties. Did you know Hydrox is actually the original, and it was Oreo that started off as a knock-off?

Hopefully that hasn’t totally shaken your world. In any case, despite Oreo hitting the market second, its grown to be an iconic piece of junk food beloved the world over.

There are all kinds of Oreo-themed bits of merchandise out there. Oreo purses. Oreo earrings. Oreo sneakers. Oreo Oreos. Anything you can think of, and now the fun comes to home decoration. HomeGoods is selling stools made to look like four Oreos stacked on each other.


THE famous stool! The real question is: did it come home with me?? #oreostool #homegoods #myfind #fyp #viralproducts

♬ original sound – Savannah

Doesn’t that look sweet? In a nice polystyrene way? In any case, people have gone positively ballistic about these stools on social media.

The #oreostool hashtag on TikTok has over 10 million views as of this writing, with many videos going up of people gushing over the stools and giving advice on how to find them.


I love Oreos 🥹 @HomeGoods bless me with this amazing find 🙏 ✨ #comeshopwithme #shopwithme #hellokitty #hellokittyfinds #homegoods #homegoodsfinds #oreostool #oreo #oreolover #onthehunt #comehuntwithme #thehuntcontinues #hellokittytowel #strawberry #strawberrydecor #summer #pastel #strawberryfinds

♬ original sound – Monica Meneses

And the comments are mostly in agreement, or asking if they can buy one off the poster. The HomeGoods Oreo stool is $60, and is available only at HomeGoods stores, not online.

Availability is hit-or-miss, and it seems like not every store has them. They’re allegedly most common in Texas and California, but you should still make an effort to find one at your local store.

Why? Because these stools are pure profit.

HomeGoods Oreo Stools Resell

As is the case with other virally popular products, these stools are making tons of money for resellers. After they started trending on TikTok, HomeGoods Oreo stools were reselling for upwards of $300 at a time. Even after the hype has died a bit, resellers are consistently flipping them for $150 to $250.

If you’re not above making a few trips to local HomeGoods stores, securing even one of these stools can net you a hundred dollars in profit. Grab more, and you can walk away with some serious profit.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, because HomeGoods is selling more stools that are also selling for a profit.

HomeGoods Bagel and Donut Stools

If you’re out hunting for an Oreo stool, keep your eyes peeled for other food-related stools at HomeGoods.

They are also selling Donut, Bagel and Peppermint stools. While the Oreo stools are the most popular on TikTok, all these other stools are getting attention as well, and many have sold out. If you manage to locate any, you can buy them for the same $60 as the Oreo stools.

HomeGoods Donut Stool For Sale

They don’t resell for quite as much, but we’ve still seen sales for $100 to $150 for them. If you like money, then HomeGoods should be your next stop for as long as Zoomers are paying for these stools.

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