Look For Buster Sword Light Sticks at the FFVII Orchestra

These might be a massive flip

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Orchestra Buster Sword Light Stick

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Special Buster Sword light sticks will be sold during the FF7 Orchestral World Tour

  • As of now, only the shows in Japan are confirmed to have the light sticks

  • Rare merch like this can be extremely profitable for resellers

Okay, we have an opportunity to make some serious money and see a concert. Square Enix has begun offering tickets for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Orchestra World Tour. Gamers will have a chance to hear the game’s music played live in concert, and pick up some dope merch at the same time. Details are light, but it looks like replicas of the Buster Sword will be produced with programmable LEDs. If these end up being a concert-exclusive, their potential resale value could be incredible.

FFVII Orchestral World Tour

Let’s break it down. “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” is the second part of a ground-up remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, which released earlier this year.

To celebrate the game’s launch, publisher Square Enix has organized a worldwide orchestral tour featuring the game’s music. World class orchestras and conductors will come together to play while images from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are projected across the stage.

For a sneak preview, check out this footage from a similar orchestral tour held in 2021 for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Tickets are on sale now. The tour will begin in LA in August, before arriving in Fort Worth, then Rotterdam, and then two stops in Japan.

These Japanese dates are what we’re most interested in. While tickets for the other concerts are available through an ordinary sale, the Japanese concerts are sold through a lottery system. Three different tiers are available: standard seats, and two premium packages with Buster Sword-shaped lights.

FFVII Buster Sword Concert Lights

Now for the fun bit. Included with some seats is a collectible light stick shaped like the Buster Sword from the game. These feature a strip of LEDs in the blade’s edge that can switch between various colors, and will sync to the concert’s lighting during the performance.

Details on these are very scarce. There are a few things to consider, taken from a machine-translated page on the Japanese Square Enix website:

  • Tickets with concert lights are only available at the Square Enix e-STORE.
  • Concert Lights will also be sold individually at the venue.
  • Concert Lights may be sold separately at e-STORE etc. at a later date.
  • Tickets with concert lights will be delivered by courier with the ticket and concert light bundled together.

As far as we can tell, these Buster Sword light sticks are exclusive to the Japanese stops of the FFVII Rebirth Orchestra World Tour. They may become available online in the future, but they might also be Japan-exclusive when they do. And it’s also possible to buy them directly at the venue, even if you don’t have a premium ticket.

So, what’s the verdict here? Well, there are a few recommendations we can make.

First, if the idea of going to this concert is appealing to you and you’re already considering buying a ticket, make sure you stop by the merch counter during the event. While the Buster Sword lights are only confirmed for Japanese concerts, they may be sold at others.

Second, if you’re planning a trip to Japan in August, consider applying to the ticket raffle. There are two possible dates, and tickets range from 8,800 to 16,500 yen, about $56 to $105 USD.

If you manage to get a ticket, we have a feeling the Buster Sword lights will be very profitable on the aftermarket. Try to buy as many as you can, and expect to come home to a big payday when you return to the States.

We know this is kind of an obscure flip, but the potential here is worth noting. Rare merch like this can resell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you’re going to be in the country while these concerts are happening, why not go for it?

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