Fall Out Boy So Much for Stardust Vinyl is Reselling

Real tears are embedded in the plastic "Crynyl"

Fall Out Boy So Much For Stardust Vinyl Crynyl Record

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Fall Out Boy has put out a special vinyl version of their recent album So Much (for) Stardust

  • Just 50 of the records were produced, with real tears from the band members in each pressing

  • They sold for $100, and have already recorded one sale at $2,000

Fall Out Boy is behind a new innovation in the field of gimmicky vinyl releases. In addition to the standard (boring) PVC LPs in 4 different colors, there was also a highly limited and special release. Just 50 of the So Much (for) Stardust records would be pressed in the newly developed “crynyl” material. Each pressing of the record has a mixture of all the band members’ tears injected into the plastic. After the initial sale concluded, it was clear that these were some seriously rare and desirable records.

The Fall Out Boy So Much for Stardust Crynyl record

After their 2018 album Mania received lukewarm reviews from fans and critics, Fall Out Boy returned to their roots with So Much for Stardust. With a similar sound to the records that launched them to stardom in the 2000s, So Much for Stardust is a welcome return to form.

To celebrate this success, Fall Out Boy teamed up with LA art collective brain.wtf to produce an extremely limited and experimental vinyl pressing of the album. Just 50 of these would be produced and sold online. Each one holds something unique, the tears of every Fall Out Boy member, pressed directly into the vinyl. Enter: Crynyl.

These records were first unveiled and sold on May 1st, and sold out in under an hour.

How to get a Fall Out Boy So Much for Stardust vinyl

If you missed out the initial sale of Fall Out Boy’s Crynyl records, you’re mostly out of luck. That said, there may still be a chance. Fall Out Boy is currently running a giveaway for one So Much for Stardust Crynyl record, along with two tickets to an upcoming stop on their tour.

You can enter to win Fall Out Boy’s website. While the odds of winning aren’t much better than simply buying one at retail, it’s a still great opportunity.

Will the Fall Out Boy So Much for Stardust vinyl resell?

With so few records produced and the sale having only recently concluded, the market for the Fall Out Boy’s Crynyl records has yet to shake out. There has been one sale recorded through eBay though. Currently, the Fall Out Boy So Much (for) Stardust vinyl is selling for $2,000.

Fall Out Boy So Much for Stardust vinyl Crynyl for sale

While that’s only one sale, it’s really not too surprising. Considering both the widespread popularity of Fall Out Boy and the unique nature of the Crynyl records, a serious aftermarket premium should be expected. Remember, only 50 of these were made, with one being held for the giveaway. Don’t be surprised for sales to be uncommon, but for seriously high prices.

It’s also worth noting this is likely not the last Crynyl record to be produced. The So Much (for) Stardust vinyl is part of a collaboration between Fall Out Boy and brain.wtf; that is to say it’s not Fall Out Boy’s idea. The website for Crynyl currently only features the Fall Out Boy record, but it’s likely that more Crynyl records will be produced for projects from other bands in the future. Considering the popularity of the initial sale and potential aftermarket for them, they seem to be a clever move for the hype alone.

Think these are weird? It’s not the first time a record manufacturer has stuffed weird shit in PVC and sold it at a premium. We covered last year’s Dopesmoker vinyl release from Third Man Records with real cannabis leaves pressed in the vinyl. Those were less limited than Fall Out Boy’s Crynyl, but still resell for remarkable prices.

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