Dunkin' Donuts "DunKings" Tracksuits Resell for Hundreds

Did you get yours?

Dunkin Donuts Tracksuit Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • A new line of Dunkin’ Donuts themed clothing dropped on Monday

  • There were four different items, prices ranged from $40 to $60

  • Resellers are flipping the complete tracksuits for $300+

Iced coffee fans had an exciting opportunity on Monday morning. Dunkin’ Donuts just put out a highly-limited and thoroughly-branded tracksuit with matching bucket hat. Maybe it’s a Boston thing, but these tracksuits sold out in record time. Now resellers are listing them for triple what they retailed for and raking in profits. Let’s get into it.

Dunkin' Donuts Tracksuit Collection

As we all know, staying fashionable means staying on top of trends. Fall asleep at the wheel, even just close your eyes for a second, and you’ve fallen five decades behind.

So we’re going to give you a little tip: wear labels, and wear them proudly. Earlier this week, Dunkin’ Donuts dropped a new series of branded merch, called the “DunKings Collection“. In addition to a Stanleyesque tumbler, there’s also a garish tracksuit and bucket hat.

Dunkin Donuts DunKingsCollection

For those who love pink and orange and excessive sugar intake, this collection is a slam dunk. Dunkin’s logo is widely plastered across the material so people can really know where you stand.

The individual pieces in the collection varied in price. The jacket and track pants were both $60, while hats and tumblers were $40. As of this writing, the jackets and hats have already sold out, but it’s not too late to snag a pair of Dunkin’ track pants or tumbler.

Dunkin' Tracksuits Resell

For the clever resellers with quick fingers that picked up a full set of clothes, this was an opportunity to make some serious cash. Yes, we know, resisting the temptation to keep these threads for your own closet is hard, but we think the potential upside is well worth it.

Right now, a two-piece Dunkin’ Donuts tracksuit is reselling for upwards of $300. Medium and large sizes are reselling for the most, and some sellers have actually turned theirs around for more than $400.

Dunkin Donuts Tracksuit For Sale

And while it’s still early, at least one of the bucket hats has resold for over $100. This wasn’t a particularly hard drop to get in on, either. As long as you had a heads up and knew what to buy, scoring a tracksuit was pretty easy.

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