Signed Dua Lipa Vinyl is an Easy $100 Flip

No surprises here

Dua Lipa Signed Vinyl Radical Optimism Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Dua Lipa’s new album, “Radical Optimism” is dropping soon

  • Signed vinyl sold for $60 through her website

  • Resellers have been flipping them in bulk

Earlier this month, English-Albanian popstar Dua Lipa announced her next album would be called “Radical Optimism”, and expected its release in May. Already supported by two well-received singles, “Radical Optimism” looks poised to take the charts by storm. Again. And like any good businesswoman, Dua Lipa has also been selling a limited (although not that limited) signed vinyl version of the album. These are obviously very popular with her fans and resellers.

Radical Optimism Signed Vinyl

Yes, if you’re an experienced reseller or you just read our blog a lot, we’re sure you’re familiar with vinyl. It’s become one of our favorite products over the last year, and consistently profitable for resellers.

There are all kinds of examples too. Stoner legends Sleep dropped an actual cannabis-infused-and-technically-illegal version of Dopesmoker in 2022, and Fall Out Boy pressed their own tears into vinyl last year. Even video games get the vinyl treatment sometimes, and one of the most profitable vinyl flips of the last few years was the Outer Wilds vinyl.

All of this is to say, if you’re a reseller you should be flipping vinyl. It’s simple, straightforward, and highly collectible. Fans like having a tangible representation of their favorite music. Even if they never play it, it looks good on the shelf.

Back to Dua Lipa. Like we said, new album, new opportunity to make money. “Radical Optimism” gets its full release in May, and signed copies of the vinyl have been selling since last week.

Dua Lipa Radical Optimism Signed Vinyl

Well, technically these aren’t signed vinyl. They include a signed insert, but neither the sleeve nor the actual plastic is actually signed. Which is good, by the way, signing the plastic is only ideal for display pieces.

And while a signed sleeve or cover is generally the more popular option, a signed insert is fine too. These retailed for $60 from Dua Lipa’s webstore. They were first available on March 13 at around Noon Pacific, and would restock at least once later in the day.

Dua Lipa Signed Vinyl Resells

For the resellers that moved on these vinyl, this was one of the easiest flips in recent memory. Dua Lipa is a huge star, and it’s not hard to find a fan willing to pay for her signature.

Right now, a “Radical Optimism” signed vinyl is reselling for just about $100. These were limited to two per customer, so resellers were able to make about $80 in profit per order. Nothing crazy, no, but would you turn down a quick $80, especially if required as little effort as these?

Dua Lipa Signed Vinyl for Sale

We don’t expect the price to wander too much. While signed vinyl is popular, Dua Lipa has clearly cranked out enough of these that they’ll stay around $100 for the foreseeable future.

Restocks are possible. If these become available for sale again we recommend jumping on it. As we said, easy to buy and easy to sell makes this a no-brainer.

But some people have no brains, and that’s okay. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to learn about more flips like this. We’ve always got something new, and 2024 has never been a better time to start making some money on side.

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