Buc-ee's Soda Dispensers Are Reselling for $120+

If you're in the South, look for these


By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Buc-ee’s is selling a drink dispenser shaped like a gas pump for $30

  • Resellers have flipping them for up to four times that

  • These can only be found in the Southeast

Time for the silly flip of the day. Right now, Buc-ee’s gas stations across the American south are selling a new product: a drink dispenser made to look like a vintage gas pump. This is a big deal, of course. Most locations have sold out, and people outside the South can’t even buy them. Resellers have been quick to pick up the slack though, and the last few weeks have seen a number of these flip for well over retail.

Bucee's Gas Pump Drink Dispenser

Now, if you’re anything like us (American), you love soda. Just like us, you probably have so much soda around the house, piling up in corners and overflowing from your fridges that you’ve considered getting your very own soda dispenser.

And of course, that soda dispenser needs to be a branded product, preferably with your favorite oversized gas station.

Well, capitalism has the answer, as always. Earlier this year, Buc-ee’s started selling a new drink dispenser. It’s shaped like an old-timey gas pump, with a liter tank connected to hose and handle with working trigger.


It’s just under 20 inches, and would be an easy and incredibly tacky addition to any kitchen. While theoretically you could fill it with any cold drink, we’re guessing most of them will be used to dispense flat and room temperature soda. Or sweet tea.

The Buc-ee’s gas pump drink dispenser costs $30. It is only available in person at Buc-ee’s stores through the South. Here’s a list of locations.

Bucee's Gas Pump Drink Dispensers Resell

If any of those stores are near you, it might be worth making a visit. Stop in, get some gas, a comically oversized soda, and walk out with one of these drink dispensers if you’re lucky.

Right now, a Buc-ee’s gas pump drink dispenser is reselling for somewhere between $80 and $120. These have been in stock for a few months now, and the hype is definitely dying down. Early sales passed $150 at a time, but that’s not as common now.


Still, they are reliably profitable. There are plenty of Southern expats living on the coasts, desperate to have a big plastic piece of crap to remind them of their sweet home. Why not sell it to them for four times what you bought it for?

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