New 2024 Panini Prizm Basketball Mega Boxes Drop Tomorrow

And they resell for $100+

2024 Panini Prizm Mega Box NBA Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Panini has been selling their 2024 Prizm Megas for $50

  • A major restock is planned through their website tomorrow

  • Resellers have been flipping them for $100 or more

Another year, another opportunity for card collectors to blow their paychecks. Get ready for Panini’s new 2023-2024 Prizm Mega Boxes that are dropping tomorrow morning. These boxes are loaded with old faces and rising stars, including highly-coveted Wembanyama cards. While they’ve been periodically restocking through Walmart over the last few days, this is an opportunity for resellers and collectors to get everything they want all at once.

2023-2024 Prizm Mega Box NBA

Yes, trading cards are absolutely still a thing. While the market has changed a lot since the wild days of 2020, there’s still plenty of money to be made flipping cards.

Over the last few months we’ve usually been talking about novelty drops like the recent Dune Topps collab or the Bob Ross Topps crossover, but sometimes we’ve got to cover the obvious stuff.

Panini’s 2023-2024 Prizm Mega Boxes are a straightforward set of basketball cards, perfect for any collector to rip into and get pissed off when they don’t get what they want. Each box contains five packs with ten cards per pack.

We’ve got everything you’d expect: parallels, autos, and rare treatments. This year collectors can hunt for the exclusive Prizm Pink Ice base parallel, with 10 included per Mega Box. There are also Rookie Penmanship cards for those looking to a snag auto from their favorite up-and-comer.

2024 Prizm Mega NBA Rookie Auto

Panini Prizm Mega Boxes usually retail for about $50. These first started selling from retailers earlier this month, and you might be able to find some of them still on the shelves at your local brick and mortar.

If you prefer to do your scalping from the home, you can buy these packs online as well. Restocks happen fairly frequently through retailers, but Panini has also scheduled a major restock through website tomorrow, March 20.

2024 Panini Prizm Mega Boxes Resell

And with how consistently popular Prizm Megas are, it should be no surprise to see them resell. Boxes like these are essentially bread and butter for card resellers.

Since they first started stocking earlier this year, 2024 Prizm Mega Boxes have been reselling for about $100 at a time. Quantity limits can vary wildly between retailers, and it’s not unusual to see a seller listing 5, 10, or even 20 boxes for sale at one time.

2024 Prizm Mega Box NBA For Sale

At $50 retail and $100 eBay, resellers are essentially doubling their money on every box they pick up. Scale that, and you have some serious profit.

Whether you want to take that opportunity is up to you. These boxes will be available for sale tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. Pacific through Panini’s website. We recommend you buy what you can, but again, up to you.

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