UNO "No Mercy" Decks are Blowing up on TikTok – and eBay

Here's how resellers are profiting off UNO

UNO No Mercy Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Mattel released UNO “Show ‘Em No Mercy” edition earlier this month

  • With remixed rules that went viral on TikTok, the decks are sold out everywhere

  • Resellers are flipping them for as much as $50

Earlier this month, Mattel started rolling out a special version of the UNO card game. It’s called UNO “Show ‘Em No Mercy”, and has a few twists on the rules to create an explosive and fast-paced game. The new set has gone viral on TikTok, and people have begun to clamor for the cards. In fact, they’re so popular that the cards are pretty much sold out everywhere. Resellers have stepped in, and are making tons of profit by flipping these UNO decks.

What is UNO "Show 'Em No Mercy"?

Ok, we know the basics of UNO, right? Everyone draws cards, you play until you have one left. There’s a bunch of bonus cards that are meant to throw a wrench into other players’ plans, either by making them draw extra cards, skip turns, or otherwise screw with the game.

UNO “Show ‘Em No Mercy” takes the being-a-dick aspect of the game and turns it way up. For one, there are a bunch of new cards. Some of these are just amped-up versions of existing cards (Draw 10 instead of Draw 4), while others force players to draw cards indefinitely until they pull a particular color.

Furthermore, there are some tweaks to the rules to make the game more punishing. For one, drawing a 7 or 0 forces the player to swap hands with another player. The biggest change is the “No Mercy” rule: if your hand ever gets to 25 cards, you’re out of the game instantly.


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The game is enormously popular on TikTok. There are so many videos of the most annoying people on Earth screeching about the new rules that it was pretty much guaranteed to blow up. Who knew card games would still be so popular in 2023?

And of course, where there’s rampant demand, there’s going to be supply issues. Mattel did kind of a weird, stealth rollout for this game. There was no major announcement or marketing for it, although that’s not that unusual for what’s a fairly low effort remix of an existing game.

How to get an UNO "No Mercy" Deck

It’s not entirely clear where these decks are available. Walmart is selling them, but not online. To get an UNO “No Mercy” deck, you’d need to go to your local Walmart and check the shelves. Decks are just $10, so its not like these are a big purchase.

That said, the surge of demand brought on by their TikTok fame has caused these decks to sell out. It seems like stock is pretty slim/spotty to begin with, and not every Walmart carries them. Even so, it’s worth checking local Walmarts for them, because these decks are reselling en masse.

UNO "No Mercy" Decks Resell

As is often the case for TikTok-hyped products, aftermarket prices for these UNO decks are getting pretty silly.

Right now, an UNO “Show ‘Em No Mercy” deck is reselling for around $40 to $50 at a time. There are no quantity limits on these, so stock up if you can find them. At under $10 retail, flipping these decks will net a reseller around $30 in profit per deck.

UNO No Mercy For Sale

Never mind the fact that you could make one of these decks in about ten minutes with some sharpies and homebrewed rules. Why bother making your own deck when you could get scalped for four times the price?

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