Here's Why Resellers Want Signed Onyx Storm Books

Hint: There's reselling involved

Signed Onyx Storm Rebecca Yarros Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • “Onyx Storm” is confirmed for a 2025 release

  • Signed versions of Rebecca Yarros’ previous books are extremely popular

  • Resellers have flipped them for two to three times what they retail for

Earlier this week, YA-darling Rebecca Yarros appeared on Good Morning America to announce and promote the newest book in her “Empyrean” series called “Onyx Storm”. BookTok is here for it. Teenagers are here for it. Adults acting like teenagers are here for it. And between all the excitement is a group of resellers that have been eagerly awaiting these books. They know just how much money can be made flipping them, but do you?

Rebecca Yarros Signed Books

So first, a little backstory. We love expository writing after all, no matter what our English teachers told us.

“Empyrean” is a book series being developed by American author Rebecca Yarros. Starting with “Fourth Wing” in 2023, it was originally planned as a trilogy but is now expected to span over five novels. Before the end of last of year, Yarros was able to release “Iron Flame”.

What you need to know is these books are massively popular. You might have heard the “BookTok” meme thrown around a bit before, but it’s a real thing, and a considerable driving factor behind many books’ sales. And what does BookTok think of Yarros?


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They like her!


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A lot! Rebecca Yarros is far and away one of the most popular authors on the platform right now,

In fact, her fans love the “Empyrean” series so much that they’re willing to pay a lot of money for signed copies of Yarros’ writing.

We covered this last year when signed versions of “Iron Flame” went up for sale. Yarros partnered with several smaller publishers to produced limited runs of her books along with her signature. After they dropped, many resellers were able to flip them for two to three times retail.

Iron Flame Signed Copy For Sale

And because these are books and not sneakers, they’re pretty easy to buy. As long as you know when the drop is going live, it’s pretty much just point-and-click gameplay. Snag one or several, and you’re making easy money.

Signed Onyx Storm Books

Hopefully you understand why this new book is a big deal. While we knew there would be a follow-up to “Iron Flame” for months now, we weren’t sure of the timing.

Thankfully, Yarros is clearly a productive writer. The first two books were released within a year of each other, so we weren’t worried about a long wait.

As of right now, “Onyx Storm” is set to release on January 21, 2025. Aside from that, we don’t know a whole lot else. A helpful Reddit post has compiled a list of preorder links for the upcoming book that includes a number of “deluxe” editions.

But it’s unclear if “deluxe” means “signed”. For Yarros’ previous works, signed copies have usually released after the initial publishing run. That’s great for her because it means she gets to double dip on sales, but we’re curious if the tactic will change following the immense popularity of the series.

For the moment, signed “Onyx Storm” books have not been confirmed. We have very little doubt they’ll end up being produced, but at this time we just don’t know enough to make any claims.

We’ll be paying close attention to this series in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. As soon as confirmation comes in on signed “Onyx Storm” books, we’ll let you know.

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