Mondo X-Men '97 Cyclops Figures Resell for $350

Easy money and bonus goodies, yes please

Mondo Cyclops 1/6 Figure Limited Edition Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • New 1/6 figures based on Cyclops dropped on Mondo’s website

  • Along with a standard variant, 1500 limited edition units were produced for $240

  • These are now reselling for $350+

Earlier this month, American merchandiser Mondo sold a new addition to their line of X-Men ’97 figures: a 1/6 scale figure of Cyclops. After seeing how well previous releases had done on eBay, resellers were quick to jump on this one. Now these figures are reselling for an easy profit, and were even able to snag “Mystery Boxes” from Mondo for no cost along with their orders. Let’s get to it.

Limited Edition Mondo Cyclops 1/6 Figure

It should be no surprise that comic book merch can be quite lucrative for resellers. Everything from the books themselves, to posters, prints, and especially toys are all easy paydays.

X-Men ’97 is a new animated show that premiered earlier this year. It features the classic X-Men cast in a retro setting. If you grew up watching Saturday cartoons, this will feel like a trip to the past.

And where there’s cartoons, there’s toys. IPs like Star Wars and X-Men might be cultural icons, but the real moneymakers have always been the licensing rights. Mondo has been spinning up highly detailed 1/6 replicas of the X-Men ’97 cast. What we’re looking at today is based on Cyclops.

Mondo Cyclops 1/6 Figure Limited Edition

Mondo produced two variants of these, a standard version, and special edition limited to 1500 units. The differences are minor, but the exclusive variants would ship with an attachable jacket along with alternate faceplates and attachable eyeblasts.

There’s a ton of detail included in these figures, and any serious collector would be excited to have one. Mondo is currently selling the standard versions for $220. Limited edition Mondo Cyclops 1/6 figures were available for $240, but have since sold out.

Even better, Mondo is running a special promotion through June. For every $150 spent through their store, you’ll receive a free “Mystery Box“. Buying one of these figures and an extra poster means you could qualify for two with your order.

Mondo X-Men '97 Cyclops Figures Resell

A quick sell out is good news for us. If you want to play with toys or just hide them in the back of your closet, you can still buy a standard edition. That’s just as good, right?

But for the real, proud nerds. Only the exclusive limited editions will suffice. But what can you do when they’ve all sold out? There’s only one real option.

Right now, limited edition Mondo Cyclops 1/6 figures are reselling for about $350, with pretty decent volume. At $240 retail, resellers stand to make $100 or so in profit depending on fees and shipping.

Mondo Cyclops Figure Limited Edition for Sale

And while that’s solid, we’re a little disappointed. The reason resellers were so excited for this was based on the previous X-Men ’97 drop from Mondo, a 1/6 figure based on Rogue.

These retailed for a similar price point, but after they sold out we saw them resell for more than $600 at a time. With that kind of profit, anything else the company does was worth paying attention to.

Mondo Rogue Figure Limited Edition for Sale

On second thought, maybe that’s not fair to Cyclops. Comic book nerds tend to… appreciate the female form more than they do the male. How can Cyclops compete with that?

In any case, these figures represent solid profit even without the sex appeal. We’ll be keeping a close eye on future X-Men ’97 releases from Mondo in the future, and we recommend you do as well.

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