YuGiOh X Hello Kitty McDonald's Toys Are Almost Gone

This is a Europe-only flip

YuGiOh Hello Kitty Happy Meal Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • YuGiOh X Hello Kitty toys are available with Happy Meals from McDonald’s in Belgium

  • Resellers have been flipping them for as much as $30 per toy

  • The promotion ends on April 9

If you’re planning a vacation to Belgium any time soon, make sure you mark some time on your calendar for a visit to McDonald’s. Get some burgers to remind you of home, and snag a limited edition toy from the new YuGiOh X Hello Kitty crossover. Not only are these so rare and so collectable, they’re also pretty dang valuable. Resellers are now flipping them for a decent profit, most likely to fans across the Atlantic desperate to get in on the fun.

Happy Meal YuGiOh Hello Kitty Crossover

Can anyone deny that fast food is America’s greatest cultural export? Forget rock and roll, blue jeans, pretty much all television worth watching, comic books; it’s all slop. Worse yet, it’s not tasty slop. Yes, we love McDonald’s just as much as democracy. And believe us, we’re doing our part.

So imagine our surprise when we learned McDonald’s has betrayed the American people, and released a new line of Happy Meal toys exclusively in Belgium. They might have invented french fries, but damn it, it’s just not fair.

But enough seething, let’s talk about the product. Last month, McDonald’s Belgium started handing out 9 new toys with Happy Meals. They’re all based on Hello Kitty characters cosplaying as iconic YuGiOh cards.

We’ve got Pompompurin playing Exodia, Chococat as the Winged Dragon of Ra, and Hello Kitty herself donning the Dark Magician’s robes.

Like similar collaborations, which toy you get is theoretically random. Depending on the cashier, you might be able to ask for one in particular, or simply buy the toys themselves.

Why these IPs? Why is it only in Belgium? Why are people so excited? We don’t really know, but we can say this promotion has been very popular. These toys will only be around until April 9, so this is your last chance to book a flight to Belgium and buy a Happy Meal.

McDonald's YuGiOh Hello Kitty Toys Resell

It does seem McDonald’s is onto something here, because this collaboration is immensely popular. There are plenty of listings for the toys on eBay right now.

Currently, the YuGiOh X Hello Kitty McDonald’s toys are reselling for about $20 to $30 per toy. The most popular appear to be the Hello Kitty Dark Magician and Pompompurin Exodia toys.

Hello Kitty YuGiOh McDonald

Some complete sets have sold for more than $200, but it seems like resellers prefer to part them out piece by piece. Whatever works.

As far as Happy Meal toys go, these aren’t the first we’ve covered, but they are the most profitable. We wrote about McDonald’s Squishmallow collaboration back in January, but those were usually only flipping for about $10. It definitely helps that this collection is only available in Europe.

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