Messi's New Más+ Energy Drink is a Hit With Resellers

10 calories and easy profit? Yes please

Messi Mas Drink Sports Energy Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Lionel Messi just launched a line of sports drinks called Más+

  • Launch packs with 8 bottles sold for $30

  • After they sold out, resellers began flipping them for two to three times retail

Everyone likes a good energy drink. Whether you go old school with a Rockstar or Monster, you like the high-caffeine low-calorie appeal of Celsius, or you’re just thirteen and can’t get enough Prime; sugar, caffeine, and carbonation is a winning combo. Lionel Messi just jumped into the game with his new line of Más+ sports drinks. With four new flavors and a superstar’s endorsement, Más+ has the formula for success. Resellers have been quick to join in the fun as well, and we’ve already seen Más+ bottles flip for a profit.

Más+ by Messi

Does the world really need another celebrity sports drink? The Rock has ZOA, Logan Paul and KSI cashed in big on Prime, and now Messi is trying to muscle his way in.

All we can say is the free market is a big place, and there are plenty of people looking for overpriced products to waste their money on. If their favorite YouTuber, actor, sports star, or podcaster has found a way to bilk them further, we’re not going to poopoo it.

Lionel Messi has just launched his newest business venture, Más+ by Messi. These are low-calorie, zero-caffeine sports with a focus on optimal nutrition and quality flavors.

Messi Mas+ Drink Flavors

Each serving contains just ten calories and one gram of cane sugar. There are four electrolyte sources: magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, as well as a host of vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants.

You can dive through the nutrition facts yourself if you’d like. What we’re interested in is the flavor, or in this case flavors. Messi has spun up four different choices: Miami Punch, Limón Lime League, Orange d’Or, and Berry Copa Crush.

The names are based on Messi’s career; Miami Punch refers to the city where he plays, Limón Lime League is an homage to the UEFA League, Orange d’Or is a nod to Messi’s eight wins of the Ballon d’Or trophy, and Berry Copa Crush refers to his Copa del Reya and Copa del Mundo titles.

A lot of the marketing around these drinks refers to their flavor. It can be pretty tricky to make a low-calorie sports drink not taste like salty battery acid, and it seems like it was pretty important to Messi that Más+ is actually tasty.

Messi Mas+ Drink Taste Test

Messi and his wife Antonela testing out Más+ flavors

We have no idea if it actually tastes good. This is a very new product and has not rolled out to any stores yet.

Some people have drawn a comparison between Messi’s Más+ and Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime line of energy drinks.

There’s some similarity in the packaging, sure, but it’s not like Prime was that innovative in the first place. We’ll have to wait for the taste tests to roll in before we can say anything for sure.

How to Buy Messi's Más+ Drink

If all this reading has got you thirsty, we have some bad news. All of Messi’s Más+ Sports Drinks are currently sold out right now. The only option to buy these is a “Commemorative Launch Pack” that dropped on June 13.

Messi Mas Drink Commemorative Launch Pack

Two bottles of each flavor were available in this pack, along with a printed letter from Lionel Messi. The whole pack cost $30 at release. No further word has been released from the company on a restock, but we’re guessing they’ll spin some up quickly.

Más+ by Messi Drinks Resell

But nature always finds a way. Even those these drinks are sold out through official channels, Messi’s dedicated fans (and there are a lot of them) can still find them for sale through… less official channels.

Right now, Commemorative Launch Packs of Más+ by Messi sports drinks are reselling for $60 to $80. That comes out to about $10 a bottle, or a slightly better deal than buying beer at a baseball game.

Messi Mas+ Drink for Sale

Remember, these packs retailed for just $30. The resellers who got in early were able to more than double their money in under 24 hours. It appears as though the entire drop sold out in about an hour. That’s fast, but it was completely possible for the Average Joe to get in and snag a pack if they wanted one badly enough.

And whether they wanted them to flip, collect, or sip and savor, there was enough to go around at the time. If you missed out, it’s on you.

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Messi Mas Drink Reseller RC Elite

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