Leatherman Garage Batch 5 "Anniversary" is a Massive Hit

Celebrate 40 years of Leatherman with these tools

Leatherman Garage Batch 005 40 Anniversary

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The latest entry in Leatherman’s Garage series is Batch #005

  • Just 1,983 multitools were made for the company’s 40th Anniversary

  • These are much more popular than previous Garage tools, and are reselling for hundreds


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Leatherman Garage Batch #005 40th Anniversary Tool

This fifth entry in the Leatherman Garage series celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary. This Cerakote multi-tool boasts 20 useful functions. It is the first multi-tool in the industry to have a primary blade made from MagnaCut steel, and notably combines Leatherman’s FREE technology with spring-pliers. Limited edition of 1,983.

If you’re into knives, multitools, or limited edition products, we’ve got a treat for you today. Leatherman’s latest entry into its “Garage” series is Batch #005. These multitools were not only produced in quite limited numbers, but they also serve as a celebration for the company’s 40th Anniversary. Following the reveal and sale, these tools have gained serious popularity among craftsmen, collectors, and anyone who appreciates a neat tool. You might be able to imagine what happened next. These multitools are now reselling, and those who bought them at retail are making incredible profits.

What is the Leatherman Garage Series?

If you’ve been paying attention to what Leatherman has been doing lately, you may have seen their new “Garage” series of multitools. The Leatherman Garage series is a new production of small-batch and collectable multitools, made from high quality materials.

The ethos behind the Leatherman Garage series is a return to the early days of innovation that defined the company. The tools made can be somewhat experimental, breaking customs and norms that have held fast for decades, and combine features in unexpected ways.

Some will succeed. Some will fail. But all of them will be completely original. Which is the Leatherman way

Ultimately, it’s a collector’s product. Previous Garage batches have been produced in lots of around 100, and Leatherman has made it explicitly clear these are the only time the tools will be sold. No restocks, no redos; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Since the Garage series was announced early last year, five different models have been made. The first was Mr. Crunch, and was limited to just 500 total units. Despite Leatherman’s bold claims on innovation and experimental design, the Garage series multitools have been criticized as being anything but, and the series has been seen as a cash grab.

While the tools have still sold out, their receptions have been mainly lukewarm. Additionally, for most tools in the Garage series, there has not been any significant aftermarket. Now, all of that has changed with the release of the Leatherman Garage batch #005.

Leatherman Garage Batch #005 40th Anniversary

2023 marks the 40th year anniversary of Timothy Leatherman’s first multitool. Since 1983, the Portland-based company has grown into an iconic manufacturer, and “Leatherman” is as much a household name as any other toolmaker.

Leatherman’s fifth entry in their Garage series capitalizes on this legacy, and Garage batch #005 is called the “40th Anniversary Tool”.

leatherman garage 5 40th anniversary

Garage batch #005 tools are of course loaded with all the features one would expect from a Leatherman multitool. Pliers, scissors, openers of all kind, and of course, a 2.5 inch knife blade. It’s built on Leatherman’s FREE platform, which reduces friction and makes the tool easy to operate with one hand, while the steel is MagnaCut.

All the surfaces of the tool are cerakoted in a sleek white, while the knife sports a unique sort of bronze/ocher color. They also came with a premium leather sheath. All together, it’s quite an attractive tool, and proving quite popular.

Leatherman Garage Batch #005 Price and Availability

As it’s part of Leatherman’s Garage series, the 40th Anniversary multitool could only be purchased from Leatherman’s website on July 5, 2023. They were limited to 1,983 units in total, a nod to the date of Leatherman’s incorporation as a company.

The Leatherman Garage Batch #005 40th Anniversary Tool cost $275, which is the most expensive part of the series thus far. As it is a Garage series tool, it was only available for sale once. After selling out, it will not restock or be sold ever again.

Leatherman 40th Anniversary Multitools Resell

Whether it was the design, the theme, or the increased production, these multitools were popular. Much more popular than any of the previous Garage batches, and were written about quite favorably by various tool blogs.

It was hardly a surprise that they sold out on July 5, and demand was so intense that Leatherman’s site crashed repeatedly during the sale. Many people hoping to snag a multitool were left emptyhanded after technical issues and a limited supply sabotaged their plans.

Fortunately for them though, resellers were there to save the day. Within a few hours of Leatherman’s sale concluding, dozens of 40th Anniversary Leatherman tools were listed on eBay. By the end of the day, many had already sold.

Leatherman garage 5 40th anniversary eBay sales

Early on, these multitools were reselling for around $600, but prices began to rise through the week. At its peak, the Leatherman Garage Batch #005 Anniversary tools were reselling for more than $1,000. Considering these knives sold at retail for under $300, that represents a profit of around $700.

Since then, there have been plenty more sales of these multitools. The price is holding firm after dipping back down to around $800, and more trade hands every day.

We recommend keeping an eye on future releases from Leatherman’s Garage series. While the production has had a rocky past, the #005 Batch proves that there is interest for the tools among collectors, and they are a willing to pay a premium to have one. We expect to hear more from Leatherman before the end of the year.

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