Leatherman Garage Batch #005 40th Anniversary Tool

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This fifth entry in the Leatherman Garage series celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary. This Cerakote multi-tool boasts 20 useful functions. It is the first multi-tool in the industry to have a primary blade made from MagnaCut steel, and notably combines Leatherman’s FREE technology with spring-pliers. Limited edition of 1,983.

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Leatherman 40th Anniversary Tool Unveiled

On June 27th, 2023, Leatherman took to YouTube to unveil Garage Batch #005: The 40th Anniversary Tool. While reception on other recent entries in the Garage series had been lukewarm, comments on this video were overwhelmingly positive.




40th Anniversary Tool Releases Online

On July 5th at 9:00 AM PST, the 40th Anniversary Tool released online via Leatherman’s website. Due to overwhelming demand, many users experienced site outages.

Sold Out

40th Anniversary Tool Sells Out

The multitool sold out after roughly 20 minutes, which was likely longer than they would have been in stock if it weren’t for the site outages.

Leatherman Garage 5 40th anniversary sold out

Aftermarket Heats Up

Within a week of the multitool selling out, dozens of Leatherman 40th Anniversary Tools had sold on eBay for the $1,000 mark and higher, illustrating the massive value that collectors placed on this release.

Leatherman garage 5 40th anniversary eBay sales


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