Inside Out 2 Memory Orb Popcorn Bucket Is a Flip

These are AMC exclusives

Inside Out 2 Memory Orb Popcorn Bucket Reseller AMC

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • AMC theaters are selling “Memory Orb” popcorn buckets for Inside Out 2

  • They are $30, and don’t require you to purchase a ticket

  • Resellers have flipped them for up to $100

It’s time to head down to your local theater. Inside Out 2 is screening across the country right now, and there’s an opportunity here for resellers. AMC-exclusive “Memory Orb” popcorn buckets are a hot commodity for fans of the movie, and you can get in on the action today. These buckets are flipping for three to four times what they retail for, and you can buy them in bulk. Interested? Let’s get started.

Inside Out 2 AMC Popcorn Bucket

We all know that a trip to the theater is about more than the movie. If you wanted to, you could just rent in on Amazon and watch it at 480p like anyone else.

A day at the movies means getting your ears blown out by the ridiculous sound mixing, a sea of phones lighting up whenever the action slows down, and shoveling thousands of calories of industrial grade popcorn down your throat.

We love it, and there’s no replacement for it. Serious moviegoers also know that it’s not just the popcorn that matters, but the receptacle. Collectable popcorn buckets have been very popular lately; just check out our articles on Dune 2’s iconic “Duneussy” bucket or Barbie’s Corvette-styled popcorn car.


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It’s a chance for theaters to get a little creative and charge another absolutely outrageous markup at concessions.

Inside Out 2 just got its full theatrical release last week. There’s always money in tear-jerking, nostalgia-stroking sequels, and after a run of bad luck, Disney is banking hard on this one.

And exclusively at AMC locations, special Inside Out 2 Memory Orb popcorn buckets are available at concessions. It’s made to look like the “Core Memories” from the movie, and inside is a drink cup with a random figurine based on one of the film’s eight characters.


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These cost $30, and can only be purchased in-person, not online. If you want to buy an Inside Out 2 Memory Orb popcorn bucket, you should first start calling around to local AMC theaters and asking if they have any. You are not required to purchase a ticket, and most locations will allow you to buy more than one.

Inside Out 2 Memory Orb Popcorn Buckets Resell

Like the other buckets we mentioned before, these are also very popular. It seems like many locations have already sold out, and if there are no AMC locations near you, tough luck. But for the fans who missed out, there’s another option.

Right now, Inside Out 2 Memory Orb popcorn buckets are reselling for about $90. Depending on how many you’re able to snag and what you list them for, there’s potentially hundreds of dollars in profit waiting for you.

Inside Out 2 Memory Orb Bucket for Sale

Our advice? Get a move on! Movie hype doesn’t last forever, and neither will these buckets. Expect to see most locations stop stocking them soon.

Inside Out 2 Anger Popcorn Bucket

And if there are no AMC locations near you, there’s still an opportunity here. Regal Theaters are selling an Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket through their concessions and online.

Inside Out 2 Anger Popcorn Bucket Regal

As you can see, it’s a (pretty obtuse) popcorn bucket designed to look like the character Anger. The tray in the back opens to load up popcorn, and the flames on his head light up if you want to piss people off during the movie.

The Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket costs $24 from Regal. As of this writing, they’re still available to buy online, and Regal advertises a 2-5 day shipping time.

These are also reselling, but for far less than the Memory Orb popcorn buckets. An Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket is currently reselling for about $40 on eBay, with modest volume.

Inside Out 2 Anger Popcorn for Sale

This one is definitely a gamble. Significantly lower interest combined with increased supply does not really add up to a favorable outcome for resellers, but clearly there are a few people out there profiting from these.

All in all, DYOR. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to stay clued in on new flips. It’s been a big month for resellers, so join in the fun and get flipping with us.

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