Forget Stanley, Resellers are Flipping HydroJug Bottles Now

Welcome to the Water Wars

HydroJug Resells Influencer Stanley Competitor

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • HydroJug is another competitor in the water bottle space

  • They have a similar product and design to Stanley’s tumblers

  • Resellers have flipped popular HydroJugs for 4 to 5 times retail

Summer’s almost here, and hydration is a rising concern. With global warming running up temperatures across the globe, it’s absolutely imperative that everyone, everywhere is toting around a big-ass jug of water with them at all times. You’ve probably heard of Stanley, Hydro Flask, maybe even Owala; but what about HydroJug? Yes, there’s a new kid on the block, and resellers are paying close attention. Let’s take a look.

HydroJug Water Bottles

You have a water bottle, right? Please don’t tell us you’re drinking out of cups and glasses like a caveman, or sipping from hormone-infused plastic bottles.

Real drinkers know that money spent on hydration is money spent on health. If you’re serious about your water, you’ll be looking for double vacuum-sealed walls, steel construction, and all-day-long cooling potential.

Lately, Stanley has been dominating the market. We’re sure you’ve seen some of the hype lately, and we’ve written about several of their most popular products over the last few months. There’s just something about their tumblers that stirs people and women into a frenzy.


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But it’s not like Stanley invented the water bottle. They’ve done a great job with their marketing recently and have enjoyed a lot of attention, but they don’t have a monopoly.

Other brands have nosed into the market as well, most notably Owala. They cleverly targeted the “collectability” aspect of premium water bottles, and spun up their line of “Color Drops“; limited runs of distinct designs that are hawked on a regular schedule.

And today we’re looking at yet another water bottle: the HydroJug Traveler. There’s… not really much here we can say that you haven’t heard before. 40oz jugs, insulation, pretty colors.

HydroJug Traveler Reseller Color

If you want to compare HydroJug to Stanley, there’s a couple things to note. First, the HydroJug’s lid is more leakproof than Stanley’s. They’re also a bit cheaper, usually retailing for $40 to $45 compared to Stanley’s $55.

Both brands use lead in the construction of their bottles, although this really isn’t a big deal. Altogether, their products are very similar. The visual silhouette of a HydroJug bottle is almost identical to Stanley’s.

HydroJug Water Bottles Resell

In the past few weeks, we’ve noticed more than a few HydroJugs resell online. This is coming on the heels of fairly unsubtle influencer marketing push, and consumers are getting more comfortable with the idea of plunking down cash for a water bottle that isn’t a Stanley.

Not everything HydroJug makes resells, but there are a few standouts. Recent collectable designs like their “Cherries” and “Aubrie Checkers” limited editions have been the standouts.

HydroJug Cherry Aubrie Checker for Sale

And some of the sold out colors like Bubblegum, Sand, and Peach can also resell. These usually go for fairly slim margins; about $50 to $60 on eBay. That’s not incredible, but it does prove there’s aftermarket interest in this brand.

If you want to start reselling HydroJugs, keep an eye out for more limited edition designs, especially if they have an influencer promoting them. Trust us, if someone is goofy enough to let to some mommy blogger shill products to them, they’re goofy enough to throw $100 at said product from a reseller.

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