LA Dodgers' Hello Kitty Night Was a Huge Success

Especially for resellers

Hello Kitty Dodgers Bag Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The Dodgers gave out Hello Kitty branded bags on April 16

  • Resellers have been flipping them for more than $150

  • A second Hello Kitty Night has been confirmed in August

Do you like baseball? If you’re an American, hopefully the answer is a resounding “yes”. And even if not, we’re guessing you probably like making money. Earlier this week, the LA Dodgers held the first “Hello Kitty Night” of 2024 at Dodgers Stadium. Special merchandise was handed out to ticketed fans, and now these items are reselling for hundreds of dollars. The Dodgers have announced a second Hello Kitty Night this August, so get your tickets now and prepare to make some easy money.

Hello Kitty Night at Dodgers Stadium

While it might sound a little silly on its face, events like Hello Kitty Night are pretty common at most MLB stadiums. If you’re planning a trip to the ballpark any time soon, make sure you check out your team’s schedule to see if something fun is planned.

On Tuesday night, Hello Kitty visited Dodger Stadium with some gifts in tow. Fans that attended the night’s game against the Nats could see some special decorations themed around Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty herself threw out the first pitch in a Dodgers uniform.

That’s honestly not a bad throw, especially considering what she’s wearing. And while this event was open to anyone attending the game, there were also special event tickets available for sale.

Only holders of a Hello Kitty Night event ticket were eligible to receive the promotional products from the event.

For this Hello Kitty Night, ticketed fans got their hands on a special edition Hello Kitty-themed Dodgers bag. The strap is decorated with a mix of their brandings, while the bag itself seems like a white fleece stamped with Hello Kitty’s face across from the Dodgers’ logo.

Hello Kitty Dodgers Fanny Pack

These were not for general sale. The only way to get one was to have purchased an event ticket and claim a bag at the stadium. There were also small Hello Kitty Dodgers plushes available at the same time.

Hello Kitty Dodgers Bags Resell

And maybe it’s because of their exclusivity that these bags have been so popular. Since Tuesday’s game, we’ve seen a ton of these bags go up for sale on eBay, and the prices are pretty remarkable.

Right now, a Hello Kitty Dodgers Bag is reselling for about $150. Depending on your seats, how early you bought, and if you managed to get a good deal, selling one of these bags could have paid for your seat, or even ended up being a net profit.

Hello Kitty Dodgers Bag for Sale

Free baseball and beer just for making one eBay listing? We’d call that a pretty good deal. Don’t be too surprised by the prices either; we covered a similar promotion by the Braves last May, and those bobbleheads were reselling for upwards of $300 at a time.

And if you’re bummed you missed out on this opportunity, we have good news. Hello Kitty Night is returning to Dodger Stadium again, and you can snag tickets for it right now.

Dodgers Hello Kitty Night in August

Yep, it seems like the Dodgers front office realized how popular this event was, and is bringing it back around.

Hello Kitty Night at Dodger Stadium will return on August 19. That gives you four months to figure out tickets, pick a favorite player, and buy some beer to pregame in the parking lot. The Dodgers will be playing the Seattle Mariners.

As you can see, another “stadium-wide giveaway” is planned, but we don’t know what products will be given away. Will the Hello Kitty Dodgers Bags return? Maybe, but it seems like the team will be spinning up something else for August’s event.

We’ll just have to wait and see what they reveal. In the meantime, we can expect prices for Tuesday’s bags to remain steady, and hopefully even rise a bit.

Remember, if you’re planning to attend Hello Kitty Night in August, you’ll need to buy an event ticket to receive the promotional items; regular tickets will have to watch forlorn from the sidelines. Tickets start at $46.

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