Diane von Fürstenberg Target Collection Has Some Easy Flips

Including a Stanleyesque water bottle

Diane von Furstenberg Target Collection

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Diane von Fürstenberg’s new collection at Target is very popular

  • Most items are $15 to $50, and are only available for a limited time

  • Resellers are flipping them for two to three times retail

Spring is here, and brands across the country are kicking things into high gear. What’s trending this year? Sundresses? Rompers? Rompers for men? While we do our best to stay informed on the world of fashion, sometimes things just move too fast for us. What we can say is that Target’s new Diane von Fürstenberg collection is worth paying attention to, especially if you’re a reseller. The items from this collection are affordable, very popular, and already reselling for tidy profits.

DvF Target Collection

Like Vera Wang and Marc Anthony, Diane von Fürstenberg is a high profile fashion designer with connections to American retailers. She’s been hard at work since the 70s, and even Michelle Obama has worn her clothes in public.

So Target is a natural next step. Earlier this week, the brand announced their new Spring collaboration with DvF. We’ve got a whole lot of stuff: clothes, bags, home decor items, even water bottles.

And best yet, everything is pretty damn cheap. Even though Diane von Fürstenberg is a big name, you’ll only need to pay Target prices. But does this matter to you? Sure, they’re nice clothes, but do you need nice clothes?

Well, maybe not everything is about you. Or rather, even if you’re not personally interested in any of these items, you should know that many of them are reselling. You can buy them online or in person, and the collection is only available for a limited time. The result is easy money to be made by flipping them to people who actually are interested.

But what’s worth going for? Well, we’ve picked out some highlights for you.

DvF Target Dresses

First, let’s look at some clothes. That’s what von Fürstenberg is known for, after all. There’s a lot of different clothing in the collection, but two dresses in particular are very popular.

Target DvF 90s Shift Pink Minidress

This is a pretty simple, 90s-inspired geometric design. It’s pink, so there’s that, it’s got a side zipper construction, and is made from 100% recycled polyester (plastic).

These dresses are available in a variety of sizes, and retail for just $35. Shein who? Resellers have been flipping them for $70 to $100 at a time.

DvF Target 90s Pink Minidress

Not bad! These are an easy to way to double your money, and depending on your local store’s stock you might be able to load up on a bunch of these at once.

Target DvF Sea Spots Wrap Dress

Again, simple and straightforward. These evening dresses are $50 and available in a variety of sizes. Resellers are currently flipping them for upwards of $100.

DvF Sea Spots Wrap Dress for Sale

And again, not at all bad. A quick buck is a quick buck, and if you get lucky and snag a few you can make a lot of money in a little time.

Target DvF Stanley Water Bottles

So, no, Diane von Fürstenburg is not selling Stanley tumblers (yet), but the design for these water bottles is pretty familiar. There are a couple variants, but the ones you should be looking for are the “Leopard Blue” and “Color Block“.

DvF Target Stanley Water Bottle

If you didn’t know, we’re living in the age of the bespoke water bottle. Stanley and Owala are at each other’s necks right now competing over the millennial woman’s wallet, and Target is clearly smelling blood in the water.

As for prices, these are much cheaper than a Stanley. They’re also much simpler, and unfortunately lead-free. All of the Diane von Fürstenberg water bottles are just $15. Resellers are listing them for upwards of $50 at a time.

DvF Target Water Bottle for Sale Stanley

And let’s just say it one more time: not bad! Simple flips like these are the bread and butter for any reseller. If someone offered you $100 on the street, would you turn it down? Well, this isn’t quite that simple, but it’s not far from it. Next time you’re at Target, check the shelves for these items.

All you need to do is make a quick eBay listing, and there’s your grocery bill taken care of. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want more tips like these. If flipping is your thing, check out our articles on Dua Lipa’s new signed vinyl and Trader Joe’s reusable bags, both of which are reselling right now.

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