YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection is an Easy Flip

Double your money with one trip

YuGiOh 25 Rarity Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity collection just dropped this week

  • Both boxes and individual packs were sold for $25 and $5

  • Collectors are paying around $10 for packs and up to $60 for boxes

Hey there 90s kids, do you want to make some money? You remember YuGiOh, right? Well, earlier this week a new collection of trading cards came out: the YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity collection. Fresh off the presses from Konami, the collection contains 79 of the game’s most popular cards in a variety of treatments. Now resellers are making easy money by flipping both boxes and individual packs to collectors.

25th Anniversary YuGiOh Cards

This might be a surprise to you, but nostalgia is big business. We’ve seen it across pretty much every form of media, where established IPs have started to dip into their older products and re-release them for a profit.

Superhero movies, video game remakes, and now trading cards. Wizards of the Coast and Pokemon have both rereleased their iconic TCGs recently, and now Konami is cashing in their nostalgia checks with reprints of YuGiOh cards.

The YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity collection is an all-new collection of all-old cards. A total of 79 of the most popular cards ever printed for YuGiOh are included, all of them receiving a foil treatment.

Everything is tournament legal. There are seven different rarities available for the set, including two new “Prismatic” Rares which have never been made before. For a full list of cards included in the collection, check here.

Each booster pack from the YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity collection includes 2 Super Rares, 1 Secret Rare, and 2 Ultra Rares with a 1-in-6 chance of being upgraded to a “Prismatic” Rare.

Wow! Do you know what the hell any of that means? Does it even matter? Collectors seem pretty stoked about this set. YuGiOh has a reputation for reprinting their older cards, which tends to repress the overall value of cards on the market.

The upside of this is that it keeps plenty of new production cards circulating, and collectors are always in the market.

YuGiOh 25th Rarity Collection Resells

Now, there are two ways these cards are sold: either as individual booster packs for $5, or a collector’s box containing five packs for $25. Both are available at local retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as online.

After they released on November 3, resellers were quick to start scooping up packs. Collector interest in this series was strong due to the new Prismatic Rares and the overall nostalgia-baiting of the collection, and the previous YuGiOh 25th Anniversary “Legendary” collection was also profitable for resellers.

Right now, a box of YuGiOh 25th Anniversary Rarity cards is reselling for around $60. Individual booster packs are worth around $8 to $12, but are also a bit easier to find. Resellers have reported being able to find numerous packs available for sale near store registers.

That’s right, you can just walk into stores and find these. Unlike Pokemon or MTG, YuGiOh gets less attention from collectors and resellers, and it’s not as common to find the shelves stripped of cards.

Long story short, these are (relatively) easy to find, and (relatively) profitable. All you need to do is walk into the store and load up on as many boxes as you can find, then flip them for around double what you paid for.

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