New Mythic Legions Restock Sells Out in 15 Minutes

Take that, nerds!

Mythic Legion Reinforcement 2 Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • A limited sale of Mythic Legions Reinforcement 2 Sets sold out yesterday

  • $200 got you seven exclusive figures

  • The full set has already resold for $400

Yesterday morning, Four Horsemen Studios held a special sale. A set of seven figurines, part of their “Mythic Legions” action figure line. The collection had been teased a few times before release, and fans were ready. When these went up for sale through their website, they sold out extremely fast. Now, resellers that managed to pick up a set are listing them for well above what they retailed for. Four Horsemen has said these will not be available again until 2024, so expect to see some impressive aftermarket sales.

Mythic Legions Reinforcement 2 Sale

So let’s back it up a bit. Just what are these figures, and why are people buying them?

Mythic Legions is an original IP developed by Four Horsemen Studios, a well known action figure manufacturer with a long portfolio. Mythic Legions is a fantasy universe developed by the company as a way for them to sell highly detailed figures.

The line first started in 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the figures have attracted a dedicated following, and Four Horsemen are often praised for producing high quality figures at an affordable price point.

The figures themselves have a lot of uses. For one, they look cool as hell. If you’ve got a spot on your shelf and don’t mind scaring any girls that might see them, these are a good pick for a figure collector.

Mythic Legions REinforcement 2 Figures

They’re also quite useful for D&D or other tabletop games. The characters seen in the Mythic Legions draw from a broad pool of influences, and feature classic fantasy tropes like knights, orcs, vampires and dwarves.

The figures that were sold yesterday were part of the Mythic Legions Reinforcements 2 Set. These were all “Legion Builders” figures, meaning they are made using a simpler manufacturing process to keep costs down. The Mythic Legions Reinforcements 2 Set cost $200, which is actually a pretty great deal for these kinds of painted and detailed figures.

If you managed to buy them before they sold out, at least. When the Reinforcements 2 Set went live on the morning of October 14, fans jumped on them. This was a fairly limited sale, and it seems like it sold out in under 15 minutes.

Four Horsemen Studios has confirmed that the set will be available at their booth during next month’s LegionCon, and will receive a full retail release in 2024. Yesterday’s sale was a sort of pre-sale/sneak peek for collectors.

But as we all know, if there’s one thing collectors hate it’s missing out on something. Four Horsemen’s social media was slammed with complaints throughout most of the day yesterday, and it seems like many people who wanted to buy a set missed out.

Can you guess what happens next?

Mythic Legions Reinforcement 2 Resells

Four Horsemen themselves have said they weren’t anticipating such a strong response for the collection. After hyping it up for several days and posting numerous teasers on their social media, it seems like a sell-out was all but guaranteed, but 15 minutes is still pretty impressive.

It’s still quite early and these are a niche product, so there haven’t been many aftermarket sales yet. Some resellers are choosing to part the collection out figure by figure, but at least one has sold the entire Mythic Legions Reinforcements 2 Set for nearly $400.

Mythic Legions Reinforcement 2 For Sale

Limited edition figurines from Four Horsemen have resold in the past, and we already have confirmed sales on this restock. It’s looking like a pretty solid win for resellers right now. We’ll be keeping an eye on these figures in the next few days, and expect to see more sales rolling in.

If you missed these and will be in New Jersey on November 11 or 12, consider stopping by LegionsCon 2023. More of these sets will be available for sale at their booth, along with some yet-announced con exclusives.

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