Miller Lite's Big Green Kegg Resells for Over $1,000

And you could get one for free, right now

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Miller Lite produced a limited number of Big Green Keggs

  • Even at $350, these have sold out very fast

  • A giveaway is currently open for three of them, and they have flipped for $1,000+

It’s summer. Or, technically it’s not just yet, but if you’ve been outside in the last few weeks, you’d know what we mean. And with the summer heat, you have bonfires, barbecue, and copious amounts of cheap beer. Miller Lite just sold out of their “Big Green Kegg”, an insulated and freestanding beer dispenser perfect outdoor drinking. With only a limited number of Keggs produced and far too many people trying to get one, these disappeared fast. At least a few have alread resold, and the prices are incredible.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg

Now that barbecue season is in full swing, you might be in the market for a grill. There’s all kinds of options, gas, charcoal, or maybe even a smoker, but one very popular choice is the Big Green Egg.

You’ve probably seen them before. The kamado-style charcoal grills have been in production for 50 years now, and have become an icon of the American backyard. They’re big, they’re green, and they’re ovular.

And they’re allegedly pretty good for cooking. Aside from your everyday steaks and burgers, you can use them to make bread, pizza, and smoked foods.

All of this is to say, people really like their Big Green Eggs. Miller Lite has decided to get in on the fun and create their own riff on the grill: the Miller Lite Big Green Kegg.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Insulated

Get it? It’s a keg that looks like an Egg. This is the perfect accessory for any master griller, especially one that likes to knock back a few in the process. If their favorite beer happens to be Miller Lite, even better.

Specwise, the Big Green Kegg holds a quarter barrel keg and comes with a bespoke Miller Lite tap handle. It’s also insulated to keep the booze at optimal temps even during summer’s hottest days.

Miller Lite is selling their Big Green Kegg through their website for $350. Well, when it’s in stock at least. They’ve been sold out almost all of June, and have restocked at least three times. We’re guessing quantities are pretty limited.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Sweepstakes

But if you’ve got a hankering that only D-tier beer can satisfy, we might be able to help. While these Keggs are all sold out now, Miller Lite has a sweepstakes open right now for their Big Green Kegg.

From May 30 to June 13, residents of the lower 48 that are least 21 years old can submit their name, email address, and zip code to Miller Lite for a chance to win. No purchase is necessary, and three entrants will receive a Miller Lite Big Green Kegg some time in July.

Miller Lite Big Green Keggs Resell

And on the off chance you’d rather make money than drink beer, you should still be entering the sweepstakes. Because of how rare and popular these Keggs are, there are plenty of people willing to pay well above retail to get one.

As of now, there have only been a handful of confirmed sales, but from what we’ve seen the Miller Lite Bigg Green Kegg is reselling for around $1,500.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg for Sale

That’s damn good, and we’re expecting to see more restocks in the next few weeks. Remember, these don’t ship until July, so what you’re seeing are just confirmed preorders changing hands. Once the Big Green Keggs start reaching customers, they might pop off on Facebook Marketplace and other local sites.

So our advice is to enter the sweepstakes, set up a monitor, and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. Maybe you’re the type of person to turn down a free $1,200, but we’d be happy to jump on it in a moment.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve covered a seasonal promotional item from Miller Lite. Check out our article on Miller Lite’s “Beercracker” that dropped last Christmas, and see what resellers were flipping them foor.

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