Topps Produces Limited Edition Hot Dog Cards for the Mets

Baseball is back, baby!

Mets Hot Dog Record Card Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Over 40,000 hot dogs were sold at Citi Field last Tuesday

  • Topps produced a new card to commemorate the record-breaking sale

  • At just $1 a card, resellers bought up many of them as a potential flip

If you haven’t heard already, the New York Mets just shattered the record most hot dogs sold during a baseball game with over 40,000 individual sales. To commemorate the event, Topps spun up a limited run of collectable trading cards for the day. At $1 a pop (the same price as the hot dogs), this was an easy cop for any collector. The promotion only ran for one day, and now the cards have been permanently removed from sale. Will they flip? Will they resell? Will the Mets stay above .500? Let’s talk about it.

CIti Field Hot Dog Record

Now, there’s a lot more to baseball than just baseball. Seeing a game in person means snacking on peanuts, drinking overpriced beer, and of course slamming back a few hot dogs.

The humble glizzy has had its place in the game for well over a century. For many, a trip to the ballpark just isn’t complete without a wiener. Most clubs have developed their own signature take on the hot dog too, from Wrigley’s Chicago Dog to the Diamondbacks’ 18-incher slathered with chiles.

To recognize their contribution to the game, the New York Mets held a “Dollar Dog” night at Citi Field. On April 30, attendees to Tuesday’s game against the Cubs were treated to $1 hot dogs all night long.

Mets Hot Dog Night Dollar Dog

This promotion was a success. The 22,880 fans in attendance collectively stuffed their faces with 44,269 hot dogs to shatter the record for most hot dogs sold in a single baseball game. The previous record of 40,602 was held by the Blue Jays since 2022.

That comes out to nearly 2 dogs per ticket, but some chose to eat far more than that. In fact, one fan was nearly ejected from the game during the ninth inning. Other fans began throwing their hot dogs to him to eat, which eventually became disruptive enough that ushers removed him from the section.

We salute this noble eater, who apparently walked out of Citi Field with 10 beers and 9 hot dogs swimming around in his stomach.

To commemorate this record-breaking night, Topps produced an exclusive run of “Citi Field Hot Dog Record” cards.

Topps Hot Dog Card Citi Field

These were priced at $1, and limited to the same 44,269 total units as hot dogs sold. The sale would only be open for 24 hours or until they sold out. 99 Ketchup and 99 Mustard parallels were also produced and randomly inserted along with the base cards.

Now the sale has closed. We don’t know how many cards in total were sold, but we’re guessing it wasn’t the entire supply.

Will they end up as holy grails for hot dog-obsessed baseball fans in 2055? Will collectors barter with them back and forth? Will they survive into post-apocalypse and replace the dollar as the new de facto currency of the wasteland?

Probably not! But some resellers and speculators are already testing the waters now that the cards have sold out. We’ve seen a handful of aftermarket sales for the Citi Field Hot Dog Cards since Tuesday, usually for not much more than they retailed.

Mets Hot Dog Card for Sale

A profit’s a profit, right? Even if you end up losing money on shipping fees, listing fees, and platform fees; it’s about the visceral experience of making the flip.

Maybe they’ll take off in the future, or maybe there’s a deranged fan out there already assembling their collection of Major League Baseball Hot Dog cards. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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