How Resellers Are Making Thousands On Hivemapper

And you can too!

Hivemapper Bee Reseller Honey Token

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Hivemapper dashcams are reselling for upwards of $2,000 right now

  • New Bee dashcams are available for preorder now

  • Nothing will ship until Summer

Okay, we’re going to be talking about cryptocurrency today. Hivemapper is an up and coming DePIN project worth taking a look at, but don’t let the “crypto” part throw you; this is a tangible good. Resellers have been making some serious profit by flipping Hivemapper devices, and now a new wave of preorders just opened. Here’s everything you need to know about the project, why it’s so profitable, and how you might be able to get in on the money yourself.

What is Hivemapper?

First, let’s define DePIN, or “decentralized physical infrastructure networks”. This an established concept that’s been picking up a lot of steam lately.

Here’s a very basic explanation: on a DePIN network, individuals install and run physical devices in exchange for a token or cryptocurrency. This token can be sold for a net profit, and if the project gains popularity, the token will usually increase in price.

Let’s look at an example. The Helium Network offers widespread internet connection through a DePIN system. Individuals can buy a Helium Hotspot to place in their home, office, vehicle, wherever; and wireless capable devices use them to access the internet. The Hotspot’s owner is rewarded with Helium Network Tokens (HNT) for every Hotspot they run.

Helium HNT Token Price Reseller

This is the price of HNT over the last year

Helium has picked up a ton of attention recently. HNT prices have risen from a little over $1.50 to nearly $9 since October, a gain of over five times.

Hivemapper is also a DePIN project. Instead of internet connectivity, the concept is dashcam footage. Nodes on the network are GPS and internet connected dashcams, and Hivemapper’s contributors are essentially selling the data to the project in exchange for the Honey token.

Hivemapper Dashcams Resell

Okay, hopefully you’re still with us. That’s all the crypto stuff we needed to cover, now let’s get back to tangibility.

The new interest in DePIN projects has led to a spike in prices for their tokens. Hivemapper contributors have reported making hundreds of dollars per week through their Honey earnings. Naturally, many people that were sleeping on the projects before are now interested, but that also means the devices that power the networks are in demand.

So, resellers are able to flip the devices for significantly more than they paid. Right now, a Hivemapper dashcam is reselling for upwards of $2,000.

Hivemapper Dashcam for Sale

Sounds pretty good right? The hype train is at full steam right now, and people want in on the project. If they think they can make more from running the Hivemapper dashcam than they paid for it, well, they’ll pay for it.

Hivemapper Bee

And the fun’s not over yet. Hivemapper is spinning up a new version of their dashcam called the “Bee”, and rolling them out in waves. Right now we’re in the “Rapid Rush” phase.

During this time, orders placed for the Bee will also receive 4,000 Honey tokens (worth around $700 at the moment), but the tokens will only be received after mapping at least 2,000 kilometers.

Hivemapper Bee Rapid Rush

After March 15, the Rapid Rush phase will include. Prices for the Bee will increase, buyers will receive fewer Honey tokens, and they will ship later.

Speaking of shipping, even if you made an order now you shouldn’t expect to receive it until July at the earliest. Hivemapper follows a first-come, first-serve shipping policy, and there are plenty of other orders already in the queue.

Hivemapper Bee dashcams come in two variants: one supports both WiFi and Cellular uploading for $550, while the other is Wifi exclusive. Cellular-supported models automatically upload the data as you drive, WiFi models will need a WiFi connection to do so.

Is the Hivemapper Bee worth buying?

Good question. Before you go rushing out to buy anything, there are some factors you need to consider.

First, DePIN projects like Hivemapper are very hot right now, but that can change. If you don’t know much about cryptocurrency, you’re probably aware of how volatile it is. If the Hivemapper project hits roadblocks or people lose interest, the price of the Honey token might fall.

And if the token depreciates, so will the Bees. If you decide to buy in, you need to recognize that this will take a few months to pay out.

That said, Hivemapper does allow you to cancel your preorder for a full refund any time before you receive the order, and you can return the Bee within 14 days of delivery as well.

Hivemapper Refund Policy

And if the idea of getting 4,000 Honey tokens with your order sounds exciting, remember there are some caveats with that as well. Like we said, the price could fluctuate quite a bit between now and then, and those 4,000 tokens might be worth a lot less by the time you receive them.

Additionally, the tokens are awarded after clocking in 2,000 kilometers using the Bee. Depending on your commute, you might not receive them for a few weeks.

Long story short, do your own research. This is a very low risk opportunity that could pay out significantly, but it’ll take some time before you see any profits. Buy, don’t buy, we’ve given you the info; do with it what you will.

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