Childish Gambino Atavista Video Vinyl Surprises Fans

But will it resell?

Childish Gambino Atavista Video Vinyl Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Donald Glover’s newest merch is a $250 “Atavista” video vinyl

  • These were only available for 90 minutes

  • Resellers are asking as much as $800 for theirs

During the weekend, Childish Gambino dropped a special version of his recent album “Atavista”. In addition to the music, unreleased videos were included for each song. While this is a dream come true for diehard fans, the $250 price tag would give them pause. These video vinyl were only available for 90 minutes. Now the window has closed, and we’re guessing these will be a very limited collectible going forward. Will they resell? Or will they brick? Let’s talk about it.

Limited Edition Atavista LP Video Vinyl

Did you know the music video is over a century old? Artists have been putting their songs to video for as long as moving pictures. Today, we’ll be looking at a pretty remarkable use of the medium.

Childish Gambino recently released a “video vinyl” version of his album “Atavista“. While largely a reissue of his previous work “3.15.20”, “Atavista” is billed as a “finished” version of his prior record, featuring new vocals and recordings.

It’s also notable because it’s supposedly the last album to be released under the Childish Gambino name, which Donald Glover has been intending to drop for some time. In any case, “Atavista” is an important record for Childish Gambino and his fans.

And what better way to celebrate that legacy with a double-dipped, ultra-premium vinyl release. At $250, the “Atavista” Limited Edition video vinyl not only features all the songs from the record, but also unreleased music videos for each one.

Donald Glover Atavista Video Vinyl Details

It’s not exactly clear how this works. It seems like the product is a combination of a record player and LCD screen that plays synced video with the record currently playing.

Worth $250? That’s really up to you. These were available for just 90 minutes, with Glover posting a tweet letting people know the product was live. After the preorder window closed, the website listing was scrubbed.

According to an archived version of the website, “Atavista” video vinyl are expected to start shipping in November 2024. Customers were limited to two per order.

Atavista Video Vinyl Resells

If you’re a Childish Gambino fan, maybe you’re excited by the idea of owning one of these. While the novelty of the product is certainly there, we’re guessing people are most interested in the unreleased videos accompanying each song.

Will that be strong enough to drive a resale market for these? It’s pretty hard to say. A quick browse of the Donald Glover subreddit shows fan reception is pretty mixed. Some think it’s a pretty good deal. Some think Glover is “smoking dick”.

Childish Gambino Atavista Video Vinyl for Sale

At least a few of these preorders have made their way into the hands of resellers. There are no confirmed sales as of yet, but the average asking price is sitting at around $700.

Childish Gambino Atavista Vinyl for Sale

We’re rooting for them. Maybe these will end up as an extremely hyped collectible for Gambino fans, or maybe he’ll cancel all the orders and issue an apology for producing wack merch.

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