Resellers are Flipping the CoD Gold Cheetah Skin

Virtual cosmetics for real money

CoD Gold Cheetah Skin Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Call of Duty is giving out exclusive skins if you spend $100 on merch

  • Only items in the Gold Cheetah collection are counted towards the $100

  • The skins are reselling for up to $300

If you’ve played Call of Duty, you know that your weapon skin says a lot about you. There are people out there willing to pay for the most exclusive, bombastic, wallet-busting designs, and there are people willing to sell it to them. Resellers took advantage of a promotion through the Call of Duty merch store, and now they’re selling exclusive skins for hundreds of dollars. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Resell Call of Duty Skins

Now, reselling digital items for real money is nothing new. NFTs and crypto are the obvious picks, but there’s a long history of trading within gaming communities. Some games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike even have built-in trading systems within the game.

Call of Duty is, well, Call of Duty. Even if you’re not a gamer you’ve probably heard of the franchise, and year after year after year players continue to pile in and complain that this year’s game is worse than the last.

And while CoD is huge, it doesn’t have the same player-to-player trading common in other games. Activision prefers to keep the profits to themselves by operating an in-game store for characters, weapon skins, special effects, and too many marijuana-related items to count.

What you need to understand is that there’s no way for a player to trade a cosmetic skin to another player. People may choose to sell their entire account with all their items, but not individual skins.

There are some exceptions, and we’ll be taking a look at one of them today. Certain cosmetics are distributed as digital codes. These can be traded freely like anything else, at least until a player chooses to redeem the code.

Call of Duty Gold Cheetah Skin

What we’re looking at today is an example of one of these tradeable cosmetics. The Gold Cheetah skin is a rare weapon camo that can be applied to players’ weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (not the old one).

You can probably guess what it looks like. Black rings on a gold base, it’s similar to a previous weapon skin featured in Call of Duty: WWII.

CoD MW3 Gold Cheetah Camo

Flashy? Not really, at least compared to some of the other shop-exclusive. What really sets the Gold Cheetah skin apart from other skins is its rarity. It cannot be unlocked through regular play, and neither can it be purchased from the in-game store.

How to get the CoD Gold Cheetah Skin

To get the CoD Gold Cheetah skin, you need to spend at least $100 on the Gold Cheetah collection through the Call of Duty webstore. These include real life cosmetic items like t-shirts, shorts, phone cases, hoodies, hats, even a few polos.

Most of them are pretty cringe, but are there a few publicly-wearable pieces. We’re partial to the compression shorts.

CoD Gold Cheetah Collection for Sale

This promotion is active from April 10 to May 6. After spending $100 (not counting shipping or taxes), customers will be emailed a code for the Gold Cheetah skin that can be redeemed in the game. No returns or refunds will be accepted.

And that’s pretty much it. Buy a bunch of merch, get a silly skin in return. Once the code has been emailed, it’s up to you what you do with it. Redeem it for yourself, or try to sell it to someone else. We know what we’d choose.

CoD Gold Cheetah Skins Resell

Because it’s somewhat hard to obtain and many gamers are unaware of the promotion, the Gold Cheetah skin has gotten a lot of attention within the Call of Duty community.

Sure, a quick Google search will tell you how to get one, but Zoomers struggle with web basics. Instead of doing research like an adult, just buy it from someone else at a massively inflated price.

Right now, the CoD Gold Cheetah skin is reselling for upwards of $200. Yes, that is more than the minimum spend required to receive a code directly from Activision.

CoD Gold Cheetah Camo for Sale

The promotion is still open too. There’s literally no reason for these to be reselling other than people being too lazy or too stupid to figure it out for themselves.

Harsh? Maybe a little, but paying $200 for a dinky skin deserves a little roasting. We’re not sure how much longer these prices will hold. You can still get one of these codes if you buy merch from the Call of Duty store, but remember: no refunds. If they brick, you’ll be left holding the bag.

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