Black Kyber Crystals Can Pay For Your Disney Trip

But there's no way of knowing what you get before buying

Black Kyber Crystals

By RC Staff

Key Points:

  • As part of the Savi’s Workshop experience, parkgoers can buy Kyber crystals to build a lightsaber

  • Black crystals will sometimes replace a red crystal, with no way of knowing until after you’ve purchased one

  • Because of their rarity and the unpredictable way of purchasing them, black crystals are significantly more valuable on the aftermarket

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is Disney’s latest attraction, opening in 2019 in Anaheim and Orlando. Featuring a unique and immersive experience, the park has many distinct offerings for Star Wars fans. One of these is a lightsaber workshop, where padawans of all ages can build their very own weapon of choice, powered by a mystical Kyber crystal. While most crystals can be bought for around $15, black crystals are quite a bit rarer, and can resell for $200 or more.

What are Kyber Crystals?

Kyber crystals are small plastic replicas of the mystical ones in Star Wars’ canon. They are part of the larger Savi’s Workshop experience, costing $220 per person. This charge includes everything needed to build a saber, however, Kyber crystals can also be purchased elsewhere in the park.

Gift shops in other Disney parks also sell Kyber crystals for around $15. Regardless of where you buy them, you have a range of colors to pick from, including the classic blue, sinister red, sage green, and several others. If you like reselling Star Wars items, Kyber crystals can be a great opportunity.

How to find a Black Kyber Crystal

Black Kyber crystals are not sold the same way as other crystals. Rather, they are labeled and sold as red crystals, and it’s only after opening it that you will find it’s a black crystal.

Any red crystal has a chance at being a coveted black crystal, and the odds have been estimated at somewhere around 1:100.

Don’t let that discourage you though, as Han Solo would say: “Never tell me the odds!” To find your very own black Kyber crystal, you will simply need to buy red crystals until you encounter a black one. Star Wars items tend to prove very popular to resell, so stocking up is a usually a good idea.

What's special about Black Kyber Crystals?

Inside every Kyber crystal is an RFID transmitter that determines how the crystal interacts with other items. For a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber, a black Kyber crystal will produce the same red blade as a red crystal. When installed in a holocron however, it will play Snoke’s voice, the only crystal capable of doing so.

Black crystals also include a small paper scroll informing you of their rarity, and congratulating you on finding something “truly special”. Because of their rarity, black Kyber crystals are a great item to resell.

Do Black Kyber Crystals Resell?

Black Kyber crystals resell very well. If you get lucky enough to buy a black crystal through a gift shop for $15, you can resell it online for $200. Because there is a possibility to fake these crystals, packages that include the original canister and paper slip attract a higher price.

Originally, there was a requirement to purchase a holocron along with your Kyber crystal through the gift shop, but that limitation has since been relaxed. There are still purchase limits at gift shops, but these vary between locations. Some shops may allow you to purchase multiple crystals of the same color, while others may limit you to one per color, per customer.

Consider bringing along some friends with you to get around this purchase limit. Since this is a great way to make some extra cash during a vacation, you can pool your money and sell the extra crystals online. Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Amazon are all great ways to sell online. Buying and selling Star Wars products is pretty easy in the right groups, and you can establish a profitable resale business with just a few items.


Aftermarket Sales of Black Kyber Crystals

If you’re planning a trip to a Disney park, we recommend stopping by a gift shop to check out the Kyber crystals to resell. A $15 purchase may end up making you $200. Additionally, if you book a reservation for the Savi’s Workshop experience, pick red as your preferred Kyber crystal. Like crystals purchased through a gift shop, red crystals may be black instead, and you can always visit a gift shop later to pick up another color.

Looking for more ways to make money reselling? Whether you’re a seasoned flipper, or questioning how to get started reselling, we have the info you need. Check out our other articles for items to flip, and maximize your profit from reselling.

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