Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Gloves Are Pure Profit

These gloves are good enough to eat

Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Glove Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Absolutely Ridiculous is a baseball accessory manufacturer

  • Their limited edition drops can sell out quick

  • $85 sliding mitts are reselling for $200+

If you’ve been keeping up with Major League Baseball in the last few years, you’ve seen the proliferation of sliding gloves through the league. These gloves protect players’ fingers on the basepaths, keeping them safe from cleats, sprains, and errant throws. While there are all kinds of options out there, many players like a glove with a bit of style, and that’s exactly what we’re looking at today. These decorative gloves from Absolutely Ridiculous are a hit with players. From college kids to casual players with a little extra spending money, the hype around the brand is strong enough that the gloves not only sell out, but resell for significantly over retail.

What is Absolutely Ridiculous?

Before we dive into the product, let’s take a look at the brand. Absolutely Ridiculous is a manufacturer for baseball and softball accessories based in the USA. Their products range from protective gear, mitts, caps, and gloves. Since 2021, they’ve grown into a notable name within baseball.

The company’s designs are based around the artist “X”. The name and logo is a clear riff on the stitching seen on baseball gloves, while the website describes his goal as “reimagining sporting goods as functional art“. Lofty aims aside, the brand is solid, and both amateur and pro players are fans of X’s work.

Their first breakthrough design was the Ice Cream Baseball Mitt. True to the name, it was a tasty spin on the classic leather mitt, incorporating a syrupy dip appearance with candy sprinkles, and available in a variety of colors. Since then, the irreverent take on the mitt has proven markedly popular, and established X and Absolutely Ridiculous as a new name to follow in the sport.

Ice cream and sprinkles have been a recurring motif since, and Absolutely Ridiculous has expanded their line to a variety of accessories. Like any good company with hype around it, they’ve also expanded into limited drops. Let’s take a look.

Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Mitts

If you want to have an edge when it comes to stealing bases, sliding gloves can be a big help. In addition to protecting your fingers from getting smashed, they can also extend your reach by just a bit. They’re a big hit with younger players, which naturally means flashy designs are popular too.

Absolutely Ridiculous started making sliding mitts after getting mainstream attention, but unlike most of their other products, these are produced as limited editions. Designs are cycled out over time, and each drop is unique. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Absolutely Ridiculous sliding gloves cost $85, which is fairly standard for a product in this range.

Absolutely Ridiculous Limited Edition Sliding Glove

Understandably, that has generated quite a bit of hype around them, and new drops tend to sell out pretty fast. Additionally, many of these gloves will also resell on eBay.

Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Gloves Resell

We just had a new drop of sliding mitts yesterday, so the market is pretty robust. Right now, certain Absolutely Ridiculous sliding gloves are reselling for upwards of $200. Some of the most popular designs include Cookies n’ Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, and USA.

Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Mitt For Sale

Everything from the collection resells. A buyer can expect to get at least $150 for one of these sliding mitts, even for a less popular mitt.

We’ve also seen rarer designs that have sold for even more in the past. Recently, Absolutely Ridiculous put out a Lambo Ice Cream sliding glove. Featuring a garish turquoise and red colorway, these gloves proved remarkably popular. They can resell for more than $300.

Absolutely Ridiculous Sliding Mitt Lambo Ice Cream

Pay attention to future releases from Absolutely Ridiculous. The following around this company is strong, and they’ve already established themselves as a premier choice among players. Much like we’ve seen with Swag Golf’s products in the past, memey designs in sports accessories can be a winning combination, and Absolutely Ridiculous is proving the point.

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