Washington Redskins Riddell Speed Mini Football Helmet

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When the Washington Redskins NFL team changed their name to the Washington Commanders, these officially licensed mini football helmets by Riddell skyrocketed in value, with many collectors fearing the permanent discontinuation of Redskins-branded merchandise.

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Rush on Redskins Merchandise

Throughout the day of the FedEx news, speculators and fans alike rushed to purchase Redskins merchandise. Among the popular merchandise being snatched up was Redskins branded Riddell Speed Mini helmets, which were available on sites like Amazon for around $22.

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Announcement II

Name Change Confirmed

On July 13th, just under two weeks after FedEx’s request was first filed, the team issued a statement confirming that the name change would now be happening.


Redskins Mini Helmets Resell

In the days following the name change being confirmed, the Redskins mini helmets proved a popular collectible, commonly selling on eBay for $200 or more, over an 800% premium over retail pricing.

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