Target Drag Queen Bird

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Target released this pride-themed Drag Queen Bird figure under their Spritz brand in April of 2023. Over the past few years, the Target seasonal birds have established a dedicated base of collectors. This particular bird is referred to by some fans as “Labird”.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
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Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
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Easy to purchase.


Online Release

Silent Release

In the early hours of April 30th, the Drag Queen Bird went live on Target’s website for shipping. It sold out in only a few hours.

Target drag bird online release
Store Release

In Store Drag Bird Release

By May 7th, majority of Target stores put their Drag Queen Birds for sale, with orders for in-store pickup going live late the night before.

Target Drag Queen Labird in store
Sold Out

Most Stores Sold Out

Within less than a day of their wide release on May 7th, the Drag Queen Birds were sold out at almost all well-trafficked Target locations.

Target Drag Queen Labird sold out

Drag Queen Bird Scalpers on eBay

Dozens of eBay listings were put up overnight following the bird’s release at Target, with numerous resellers able to find sales at and around the $50 mark.

Target Drag Queen Labird for sale eBay


Easy to purchase.
Type Hype
Hold Duration
Instant Flip
Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
Brand Target
Product released online.


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