Scott The Woz Monopoly

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MONOPOLY: Scott The Woz Edition is an official licensed Monopoly variant created by Youtuber Scott The Woz, made in collaboration with Hasbro. A total of 5,000 units were produced.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
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Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
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Easy to purchase.



Charity Bonanza

Scott The Woz announced he was partnering with Pixel Empire to sell merchandise for a charity event event, in order to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. A single surprise item was announced, but wasn’t to be revealed until the release.


Monopoly Game Revealed

At 2:00PM PST on November 26th, Scott announced the surprise release of his official Monopoly game. The item released on the Pixel Empire store, with 5,000 total units available. The retail cost was $50, with $30 from the purchase being donated to charity.

Sold Out

Monopoly Sells Out

The game sold out just 5 hours after releasing. The total raised from this release was $150,000 for Children’s Miracle Network.


Woz Monopoly Sells For $200

A number of listings sold just one day after the release, averaging a $200 sale price. This item was easy to purchase on the release day, but many fans didn’t know what the item was, until it was already sold out.


Easy to purchase.
Hold Duration
Instant Flip
Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
Type Limited Edition
Brand Miscellaneous
Product released online.


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