The Courage to Be Free Signed DeSantis Deluxe Collector Set

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The Deluxe Collector Set of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ book, “The Courage to Be Free” is a limited signed edition of 5,000. 

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DeSantis Tweets Sale Link

On February 24th, Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted a link to a sales page for his new book, “The Courage to Be Free”.


Deluxe Collector Set

Two versions of the book were available for purchase on Premiere Collectibles, including the Deluxe Collector Set which was limited to 5,000 total. 

DeSantis Signed Book
Announcement II

Live Book Signing

On February 27th, to promote the book’s release, Ron DeSantis hosted a live-streamed book signing and interview.

Sold Out

Deluxe Collector Set Sold Out

The Courage to Be Free Deluxe Collector Set sold out within 1 day of the live signing event. Buyers were able to utilize the promo code GiveMe25 to receive a 25% discount on it, resulting in a cost of $56.25 per book.

DeSantis Signed Book Price

Ron DeSantis Signed Book Resells on eBay

In the days following the book selling out, numerous Deluxe Collector Sets were resold on eBay for as much as $250.

DeSantis Signed Book eBay


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