Pokémon Shining Legends Marshadow Pin Collection

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This Pokémon TCG product contains 3 Shining Legends booster packs, as well as a Marshadow foil promo card (SM93), exclusive Marshadow pin, and code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

🌍 Online
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Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
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Shining Legends English Release

Shining Legends was released as an expansion from the Sun & Moon Series, with the English release officially starting on October 6th, 2017. Booster packs would be available in a variety of sealed product over the next few years.




Marshadow Pin Box Sale

In August, Shining Legends Marshadow Pin Boxes were put on sale for $12.98 on Walmart’s website.

Shining Legends Marshadow Pin Box Sale Walmart
Sold Out

RC Elite Post

In August of 2020, a write-up was posted in RC Elite revealing that less than $200,000 worth of sealed Shining Legends product remained on Pokémon Center’s website, spurring resellers to rapidly purchase the remainder of available stock online.

Resell Calendar Shining Legends

Sealed Shining Legends Price Increases

By April of 2021, the market price for sealed booster packs of Shining Legends rose to roughly $30 per pack, leading to Marshadow Pin boxes reselling on sites like eBay for around the $90 mark.


Hold Duration
A few months
Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
Easy to purchase.
Type Hype
Brand Pokémon
Product released online.


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