Outer Wilds 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

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This extremely rare 2xLP video game soundtrack was released in 2020 as a collaboration between iam8bit and Annapurna Interactive.

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Product released online.
⏲ Few months
Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
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Vinyl Live for Purchase

On June 18th, at 9 AM PST iam8bit announced that the Outer Wilds soundtrack on vinyl was live for purchase on their website. 

Sold Out

3 Hour Sellout 

At 12:03 PM PST, iam8bit revealed that the first pressing was sold out. However, more copies were available on the site as preorders, which would ship later in the year. 


Cult Classic

In the years following the Outer Wilds vinyl release, the game released an expansion which further catapulted its status as a favorite for many gamers. This, combined with the lack of any restock news, led to the aftermarket pricing reaching as high as $500 by mid 2022.

Outer Wilds vinyl aftermarket


Hold Duration
A few months
Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
Easy to purchase.
Type Hype
Brand iam8bit
Product released online.


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