MSCHF Blur $20 Figure

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An art piece created by MSCHF that depicts a blurry stack of money.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
💪🏼 Medium
Somewhat challenging to resell.



Drop #34

Popular art collective MSCHF releases their 34th product, called Blur. The website offered a blurred photo containing a stack of $20 bills, and gave no description of what the product actually was.



Sold Out

Curiosity Sells

The $20 Blur figure sold out within a few hours of release, this was an impressive sell out time, considering nobody actually knew what the product was. MSCHF has made many resell worthy items in the past, so experienced resellers knew there was money to be made.

Orders Arrive

Blur Is Revealed

Orders began to arrive at buyers doorsteps less than a week after the release. the “big reveal” was that buyers received exactly what was advertised, a cube that looked like a blurry stack of money, almost identical to the blurry image provided for the product.


Long Term Profits

Blur took several months to gain traction, as it was only hitting a $50 resell price after the release. Popularity began to rise over time with the Blur in the collectible community, with many selling for an average of $250 in December 2022.


Type Limited Edition
Somewhat challenging to resell.
Product released online.


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