MetaZoo 1st Edition Kickstarter Booster Box

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The first official booster box release from MetaZoo, the trading card games about cryptids. Originally a Kickstarter backer reward, these boxes were sold on MetaZoo’s web store for about 2 weeks when the game originally released, as well as in some early-adopter card shops.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
⏲ Few months
Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
💪🏻 Easy
Easy to purchase.


Sold Out

Kickstarter Campaign Ends

At the campaign’s close, 255 backers pledged a total of $18,249 to the campaign. A total of 152 Kickstarter booster boxes would be distributed to these backers.


MetaZoo Launch Date Announced

Roughly 6 months after the Kickstarter campaign ended, MetaZoo announced that the game would officially release on March 1st, 2021.


Launch Day

MetaZoo officially launches. On their web store a number of products made available, including the Kickstarter booster box for $99.99.

Sold Out

RC Elite Buys MetaZoo

On March 12th, at ____, a link to the Kickstarter booster box on MetaZoo’s web store was posted in the RC Elite group. At the time of the posting, 230 boxes were in stock. They were completely sold out after ____ minutes.


Quick Flip

Just over a week after the boxes sold out, prices on the aftermarket had moved past the $500 mark.


To The Moon

As the card market as a whole grew throughout the rest of 2021, MetaZoo Kickstarter boxes would prove to be an investor favorite, resulting in an average aftermarket sales price of over $9,000 per box in October.


Weight 0.1 - 1
Hold Duration
A few months
Item was purchased, then resold a few months later.
Easy to purchase.
Type Hype
Brand MetaZoo Games
United States
Item originates from United States
Product released online.


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