LG OLED B1 Series 65” TV Price Mistake

This is the difference between the sale price and resell price. It does not take into account any costs associated with reselling. Things like shipping, storage fees, if applicable.
Sale Price. The price at which the reseller purchased the item.
Resell Price. The price at which the reseller sold the item.

A high-end 65” OLED TV option with a 2021 model year, this item was accidentally discounted by Amazon from $1,497 to $210 in September of 2022.

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Product released online.
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Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
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Price Error

On September 12th of 2022, at approximately 12:10 AM PST, Amazon marked down the price of this new 65” OLED TV by almost $1,300. This was clearly accidental.

Sold Out

Midnight Special

The TV sold out after roughly 20 minutes, leaving orders predominantly in the hands of night owls.


TVs Get Delivered

While many suspected that these heavily discounted TV orders would be cancelled by Amazon, they surprisingly were almost all fulfilled, with most TVs arriving at buyer’s houses within 2-3 days via Prime.


Price Changed Back To $1,497

Amazon subsequently restocked the TVs a few weeks later, but this time at the corrected $1,497 price point. Success was had by resellers both locally (Craigslist, etc.) and through eBay.


Easy to purchase.
Hold Duration
Instant Flip
Item was purchased, then resold immediately.
Brand LG
Price Error
This item was a pricing error.
Product released online.


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