Levi’s x Studio Ghibli Princess Mononoke Denim Trucker Jacket

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This light wash denim jacket has a graphic print showcasing San and Wolf from the iconic 1997 Hayao Miyazaki film Princess Mononoke. It was released as part of a collection that was notoriously difficult to purchase.

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Levi’s x Princess Mononoke Collection

On July 27th, Levi’s announced the upcoming Princess Mononoke collection with Studio Ghibli would be going live for sale on August 10th. Images showcasing the various pieces were shared through multiple news outlets. 



Release II

Public Release

Levi’s Princess Mononoke collection officially released on August 10th, however, due to overwhelming demand from the earlier sale, majority of items were already sold out before this sale date, including the trucker jacket. A limited number of the jackets were available on this day in-person at physical Levi’s stores.

Sold Out

Products Pulled from Levi’s Website

By August 14th, Levi’s pulled a majority of the collection, including the trucker jacket from their website completely, signifying that it was likely not going to restock.

levis mononoke jacket sold out

Levi’s Mononoke Trucker Jacket on eBay

Following the collection selling out, resellers on eBay were able to sell the trucker jacket for $500 or more on eBay and other aftermarket sites.

levis mononoke jacket resellers


Material Denim
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Instant Flip
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Brand Levi's
Product released online.


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