Juice WRLD Legends Never Die Purple Vinyl

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The third studio album from Juice WRLD, Legends Never Die was released posthumously following his tragic passing in late 2019. This purple variant of the vinyl was a limited edition release only available on the rapper’s merchandise web store.

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Album Announced

Juice WRLD’s family announced they would be releasing his album ‘Legends Never Die’ as a tribute to the deceased musician. The album was set to release on July 14th, 2020.



Purple Vinyl Released

Vinyl copies of the album were released on Juice WRLD’s web store as a pre order on July 15th 2020. There was no limit on stock, although the order period was only open for 24 hours.


Sold Out

24 Hour Countdown

The vinyl was advertised as being available for 24 hours only, which upset many fans as the vinyl wasn’t removed from the web store for almost a full week. Buyers had over 6 days to purchase this so called ‘limited edition’ vinyl.


Vinyl Sells For $180

Despite the controversy behind the extended release, this vinyl gained value over the years following. Several eBay sales were completed in early 2023, for an average price of $180


Hold Duration
A few years
Item was purchased, then resold a few years later.
Easy to purchase.
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Product released online.


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