Ikea x Off White KEEP OFF Rug

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Legendary designer Virgil Abloh’s first collaboration with Ikea, a 200x300cm rug with the text “KEEP OFF” in the center.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
⏲ Few years
Item was purchased, then resold a few years later.
💪🏻 Easy
Easy to purchase.



Ikea Art Event

The Off-White X Ikea “KEEP OFF” rug was announced as a part of the Ikea Art Event Collection, and quickly became one of the most hyped streetwear releases of the year.


Release day came on May 10th, 2019. Ikea locations across the US were all stocked with the rugs, as there was no online sale. There was no in-store purchase limit, which allowed buyers to stock up on multiples.

Sold Out

US Locations Vary In Stock

It is impossible to know when these rugs exactly sold out in-store, as there are 52 Ikea locations in the US. Item stock sat in several Ikea stores for days.

Virgil X IKEA Locations KEEP OFF rug

Keep Off Rug Sells For $3000

Sellers that held onto these rugs long term have profited well, as the price has skyrocketed in recent years. In October 2022 several sales were recorded in the $3000 price range.


Hold Duration
A few years
Item was purchased, then resold a few years later.
Color Black, White
Easy to purchase.
Type Hype
Brand Off-White
Product released online.


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