Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish

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Goldfish collaborated with NBA star Boban Marjanovic to release a limited quantity of these All-Star hand dishes through a raffle in March of 2023. They measure 10.75” long, and are the exact size and shape of the 7’4” star’s own right hand. Also includes a signed card from Boban.

🌍 Online
Product released online.
⏲ Few weeks
Item was purchased, then resold a few weeks later.
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Boban Ad Campaign

In February of 2023, Goldfish launched a new ad campaign with Boban Marjanovic, and in tandem announced the upcoming release of the Boban Hand Dish. 


Raffle Goes Live

On March 1st, a raffle opened for 30 minutes. After the window closed, 100 winners were promptly chosen and emailed with instructions to claim their Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish. 

Boban goldfish raffle winner

Goldfish x Boban on eBay

As raffle winners started receiving their dishes by mid April, a handful were sold on eBay, with prices averaging $585.

Boban Goldfish Hand Dish eBay


Hold Duration
A few weeks
Item was purchased, then resold a few weeks later.
Hard to resell.
Type Limited Edition
Brand Miscellaneous
Product released online.


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