Dasai Mochi 2.0

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Mochi 2.0 is a little buddy for your car. This RGB OLED powered accessory is intended to sit on the dashboard of your car, making sure you will never drive alone again.

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A New Mochi

On February 8th Dasai took to Instagram to unveil Mochi 2.0, a new and improved version of their popular car accessory. The original Mochi device already had a cult following in the car community, causing hype to rise around this new and improved version.


Mochi 2.0 Release

Dasai released Mochi Generation 2 on February 22nd, at 3PM PST. The device was available to purchase for a retail price of $49. Available colors for this release were Red, White, Black, and Pink. 

Dasai mochi 2.0 confirmed order
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Fully Sold Out

Mochi 2.0 sold out at 3:10PM PST, just ten minutes after being initially released. Many customers were unable to checkout in time, leaving them empty handed.

Dasai mochi 2.0 sold out

Dasai Mochi 2.0 Resells on eBay

Sellers began listing their Mochi devices as soon as orders began to ship. A quantity of eBay sales were recorded frequenting an average sale price of $150 following this release.


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